A feedback or data entry form is the main link between the site owner or developer and the visitor or client. The quality of the form determines the chance of getting a regular visitor or a lead, which is then converted into a satisfied customer. Few WordPress website developers care in their code that the site owner has convenient tools for constructing data entry pages. But for this system, there are 100+ different plugins that solve this problem. Consider the top 10 of them that are relevant in 2021.

The need for a data entry page

The presence of an input form on the Internet resource makes it possible to organize communication with people without exchanging messages by e-mail. Previously, in the “contacts” section, the owner of the resource indicated the mail, phone number, postal address and similar details. In order for the user to contact them, he needed to copy the contacts and enter them into his phone or mail program. This is inconvenient, which leads to a decrease in the number of leads received.
Another disadvantage of placing contact information in an explicit form is the ability of spammers to receive data for mailing, as well as harm the resource itself.

Form designers help avoid the proliferation of contact information and facilitate communication between the visitor and the resource owner. With their help, with a minimum investment of time and money, fields for entering any data are created. In this case, there is no need to make serious changes to the code, and the form itself can be modified during the operation of the online store or information resource.

Ultimate Form Builder

This is a well-known WP add-on, it helps to design any number of forms with maximum capabilities. Includes 10 beautiful templates to make it easy to [get started. You can use the plugin without knowledge of programming languages. Data entry on one or more pages is supported.
The Ultimate Form Builder creates the following forms:

  • “Contact us”;
  • “Confirmation of action”;
  • “Sending a request”;
  • “Offer”;
  • “A call to action.”

Supports the ability to create multiple “lines” of data entry, depending on the options selected on the previous entry page.

Everest Forms

This plugin is an easy-to-use and extensible form builder where they are created using drag and drop. Thanks to this, it is possible to create complex shapes without initial experience. The following features are supported:

  • Displaying data in several columns;
  • Captcha for spam protection;
  • Support for multiple email recipients;
  • Confirmation of sending the message.

Everest Forms supports several design options, it is also possible to review the entered data from the WP dashboard. But its main feature is support for Drag’ & ‘Drop technology.


Another plug-in for constructing forms, in which the necessary elements on the template are placed using the drag-and-drop method. An added benefit is advanced conditional logic to build multiple directions of data entry. This makes it possible to create professional-grade forms on the contact page of a WordPress site.

There are 37 different types of external design with the ability to customize them. This builder is available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Gravity Forms

A popular website builder for creating contact forms. The design process takes 5-10 minutes thanks to the support of the “drag and drop” technology. Knowledge of programming languages ​​and experience in scripting is not required here.
The main plus of the Gravity Forms builder is tight integration with premium WordPress themes. Your contact forms will 100% repeat the selected and purchased website template without any modifications.

Formidable Forms

A plugin that has maximum capabilities for creating complex shapes. Its difference from other options is a high level of flexibility and customization. The user can:

  • Choose the location of the elements, their shape and size;
  • Inject conditional logic into forms;
  • Change the visual style.

There are 27 fields to choose from for entering various data, which makes it possible to create any form and get maximum personal data from the visitor.
In addition, the functions of the plugin can be extended by add-ons. Supported services MailChimp, PayPal, Bootstrap. Paid and free versions are available, the latest of which is in the WP Plugin Directory.

Ninja forms

This plugin in the free version allows you to create forms to receive contact information, sign up forms and other pages for data entry. But to access all the features, you need to purchase add-ons. With their help, the following are implemented:

  • Conditional logic;
  • Multicomponent forms;
  • Front-end publishing;
  • MailChimp.

The advantage of this constructor is its ease of use.

Pirate Forms

Plugin for the WP site management system, which allows you to create very beautiful forms for entering contact information and organize a simple interaction with visitors. Thanks to the simple interface, the process of creating forms looks as simple as possible. Short codes and a widget help with this.
In addition, SMTP is provided with the constructor, which handles mail messages. After installing the plug-in on the site and configuring it, you can display and hide individual input fields during operation.


It is a very powerful premium plugin that allows you to build the most functional forms in the least amount of time. In the constructor, you can place any input fields by dragging and dropping and bind certain functions to them.
Forms can be displayed in light and dark fields, there is a possibility to choose different templates. The kit includes 15 elements for placement on the data entry pages.

Fast Secure Contact Form

This useful plugin for WP allows you to create contact forms that are protected from automatic submissions. The main advantage of this add-on is tight integration with CAPTCHA and Akismet. You can create multiple forms, make changes to them, or delete items.

The plugin is distributed free of charge, but support is provided on a paid basis.

Contact form 7

This plugin is one of the most popular options out there. The current number of installations has exceeded one million. For most website builders, there is no alternative to this plugin.
Main advantages:

  • Simple user interface;
  • The ability to create multiple contact forms;
  • Minimum time to create forms;
  • Simplicity, convenience and flexibility combined with power.

The plugins presented in this section have been tested many times and are used by 9 out of 10 WordPress site developers. Their capabilities are enough for any application. Choose the option that best suits your needs. And the number of leads will immediately increase. Lead them intelligently through the sales funnel so your business can thrive.