How to build your website without spending time mastering coding skills

Today, perhaps only the lazy is not interested in creating websites. Interested in a quick and easy way to create a website? We have something to offer. Whatever goal you pursue – whether it’s building a blog, e-commerce site, educational site, or news project – it all starts the same way – with choosing a platform.

Each of the platforms has its own goals and is suitable for specific tasks. If the wrong choice is made, your project may be challenged. Therefore, you need to carefully study the idea that you want to implement – to sell products or services, to keep a topical blog or publish news.

Choosing a platform for building a website

The leader of the platforms presented today is WordPress. For reference, over 52% of all users actively use WordPress to build various websites, including e-commerce sites. Even if most of them use WordPress as a blogging platform, there is nothing stopping you from building an online store or review website using the almost limitless possibilities that WordPress provides.

Why users prefer WordPress:

  • No need to learn coding – WordPress doesn’t require coding.
  • With so many WordPress templates, themes, and plugin libraries, it will be difficult to find on other platforms presented today. Beautiful designs, sophisticated features, and endless customization possibilities – all this and much more is presented in WordPress.
  • The number of developers and bloggers passionate about platform development exceeds all expectations. The various forums and communities that are ready to assist in creating a WordPress site are enormous.

Choosing a WordPress template for a future web project

When the first important decision is made, you can take the second step: choose a WordPress template. It should be noted that the choice is complicated by the presence of an army of many thousands of ready-made solutions, each of which surpasses the previous one in quality and design.

The first thing to do is to decide on the task that your web project solves – blogging, creating an online store or news portal. Or maybe all at once? Maybe even the goal is not defined, then we advise you to opt for universal solutions that will speed up the creation of a website from scratch. As an example, consider the Monstroid2 template . Monstroid2 is one of the best solutions, bestseller and leader in its segment. Recently, the template has been updated and now its possibilities are almost limitless.

There are two types of WordPress templates: free and paid (premium). Free templates can be used effortlessly and financially as the first step towards creating a website. It’s important to understand that free templates are not guaranteed to be up-to-date. Today you create a website, and tomorrow the template will no longer support the functions you need. Premium solutions are just the opposite, they are constantly updated, new functions are added, plugins are relevant for modern sites. So the choice is yours.

Choosing a hosting for a website

Depending on the size of the site, there are different hosting offers for site maintenance. Shared hosting is the best solution for small projects and medium sized websites. You get a type of server that guarantees access to your resource for multiple users. For example, for a beginner with a small online resource who does not expect a lot of traffic right away, shared hosting is the right choice.

Cloud hosting provides your resource with the maximum possible uptime on multiple physical servers. For news portals, online stores and large projects, expecting an influx of traffic, cloud hosting is the path to success. For those who are going to conquer the heights of success, VPS hosting gives complete freedom. Now that the capabilities of each type of hosting have become more understandable, the choice will become easier.

Choosing graphic tools for creating a website

This is where the most creative process begins, which can captivate even an inveterate opponent of ready-made solutions. Installing a template, filling the site, choosing plugins and extensions that will ensure that the site works according to the requirements of your business, can be compared in complexity to a building constructor, where you move blocks, add or remove them, fill in with text and insert images.

For those who value their time and resources, he offers to take advantage of the excellent opportunity to purchase the ‘Read-to-use’ offer and get a ready-made website in return.

What is included in the offer:

  • Any ready-made template solution from Zemez.
  • Domain name for 1 year.
  • Professional hosting from InMotion.
  • Installing a template.
  • SSL certificate for non-e-commerce sites.
  • Setting up 5 pages and 10 posts (for non-e-commerce sites).
  • Customize your logo and color scheme.
  • Configuring currencies, payment modules, shipping and fees for e-commerce sites.

As you can see, the proposed offer consists of many solutions for setting up and customizing the site. You don’t have to worry about your domain name and hosting services for at least a year.

How to get an offer:

  • Buy ‘Read-to-use’ offer.
  • Within 3 hours after purchasing the offer, receive a manager’s call from Template Monster.
  • Select a template and confirm project details.
  • After 7 working days, you will receive the result.

When can I get the ‘Ready-to-use’ offer?

Like all good things, an offer has its own deadlines and cannot last forever. From 4 to 8 February 2019 , you have 5 days to receive an offer at a promotional price. $ 149 instead of $ 279 is more than a great deal. Today you make a choice in favor of this or that template, and in the near future you are launching your own website that makes a profit. And most importantly, no knowledge of coding, selection of graphic elements or setting up a template is needed to start.

A modern and beautiful site can be created in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs, both effort and time. Every serious business owner will think twice before spending their time on work that can be done faster with offers like the ‘Ready to use’ offer.