To improve your site’s search engine results and attract visitors’ attention to your content, you need to use different types of content: text, images, video. But if the site has hundreds of posts, then manually selecting and embedding videos from YouTube will take a lot of time.

Good news for WordPress site owners: SocialJet ‘s RocketVideo plugin does all the hard work for you. Read below how it works, how to install the plugin, and what monetary benefits you can actually get for it.

What the Rocket Video plugin does

After receiving the topic of your article, the plugin connects algorithms based on artificial neural networks. Algorithms select YouTube videos to match this topic. The video is embedded in your article only after it has been approved by the Rocket Video moderators.

If your article already has a video, the plugin will not work with it. But if you want to post a video in it through a plugin, for monetization (read about this below), delete the video you posted. And Rocket Video will get to work.

How to install the Rocket Video plugin

You can install the plugin according to the standard scheme.

  • Download it to your computer.
  • In the WordPress admin panel, under the Plugins tab, click the “Add New” button.
  • In the tab that opens, click the “Load plugin” button.

After installation, activate it in the Settings tab. Detailed instructions are here .

Key benefits of the RocketVideo plugin

  • A special shortcode for allocating space in the article under the video.
  • Asynchronous video loading.
  • The ability to manually delete a video if it doesn’t suit you.
  • Information about the pages on which the videos are installed.
  • The plugin does not increase the download speed.
  • Significant reduction in the time editors work with video content.
  • Organic behavioral factors.
  • Increase page view time.
  • Referral program.
  • Find and replace broken links.

Monetizing your website with the RocketVideo plugin

The plugin embeds YouTube videos on your website. Where does the money come from?

A user reading an article sees a thematic video that complements or visualizes the content. The reader independently decides to start the video or continue reading. By clicking on the video, a short commercial is launched, lasting from 10 to 20 seconds, which can be closed. And then – a useful thematic video.

The cost of one thousand impressions of such an advertisement is in the range of 40-100 rubles. The number of impressions and the corresponding monetary reward is displayed in your personal account.

Who is using the plugin?

Here are just a few examples where the RocketVideo plugin is installed and perfectly copes with its task: and These sites differ in diverse topics; it would be extremely difficult to select videos manually. And the RocketVideo plugin selects videos in a relevant way for each article.

In total, more than half a thousand sites from different niches are already using the functionality of this plugin. And the number of YouTube videos selected and embedded in articles has exceeded 140,000.

Benefit in every sense

It is difficult and time-consuming to cover all the articles of the site and add thematic videos to them. And the RocketVideo plugin handles this almost without your participation. You just need to see if the videos selected by the plugin correspond to the topic of your articles.

And then record how the performance of your site is improving: the duration of page or post views, behavioral factors, search engine rankings. And do not forget to go to the webmaster’s personal account, where your passive income is displayed.