WP Reset plugin is the safest way to quickly reset site settings to default

WP Reset plugin is designed to restore the basic settings and settings of a WordPress site. This removes all pages and user data without affecting the core of the site. Thanks to this feature, the plugin is widely used by theme and plugin developers to check the correctness of their work.

One of the advantages of WP Reset is speed. In order to start the process of restoring the default settings, it is enough to make a few clicks and wait from 2 to 10 seconds, depending on the amount of data.

How the plugin works

The information below refers to a standard factory reset, if you wish, you can independently choose which data should be deleted.

Are subject to removal:

  • Pages, posts, comments and user information;
  • Standard and custom databases.

Remain unchanged:

  • All media files are no longer used on the site, but are not completely deleted;
  • Loaded themes, plugins and other files;
  • Key settings such as the name, address and language of the site, as well as the settings for its
  • display in search queries.

Procedure for factory reset:

  1. Additional confirmation of the operation. It is impossible to cancel after that ;
  2. Rollback the system to the state specified when configuring the plugin;
  3. Restoration of key parameters of the site;
  4. Automatic entry into the last used account and opening the admin panel;
  5. Restart the WP Reset plugin if the corresponding function has been activated.

WP-CLI Compatible

WP-CLI is a plugin that allows you to manage your WordPress system using the command line, bypassing the graphical interface. Experienced developers, this feature allows you to perform more detailed settings, thus significantly speeding up the job. The wp help reset command opens a list of all available commands. As with the graphical interface, the reset cannot be undone .

Database copy

The Database Snapshot tool was created to test plug-ins and their compatibility with non-standard data, as well as to obtain information about the changes they make to the site databases. With its help, it is possible to create a copy of all databases, including both standard and custom ones. In some cases, such copies can be used as backup for data recovery, but this is far from the most reliable and convenient method. Database Snapshot allows developers to constantly make changes to the site and check how it appears in the database, and then, if necessary, restore the saved parameters. Creation of a copy takes about two seconds on average, which significantly speeds up the testing of the work of the elements being developed.

Configuring data deletion options

When working with WP Reset, it is possible to choose which settings and data should be reset to default. This is done using additional tools built into the plugin:

  • Removing temporary files. All temporary files are deleted from the database, including those in use;
  • Delete downloaded files. This refers to all files in the / uploads / folder, including media files;
  • Removing installed plugins. This action does not affect WP Reset;
  • Reset settings for themes that use the API. Includes even inactive topics at the time of reset;
  • Removing all themes except the default WordPress theme;
  • Deleting all user data;
  • Removing the .htaccess file. This file is responsible for accessing the site and its sections.

Features in development

The functionality of the WP Reset plugin implemented at the moment is quite enough for its effective use, however, the developers are constantly working to improve existing tools and create new ones. Some of the developed tools should greatly simplify the creation and editing of sites based on the WordPress CMS.

Working with multisite

WP Reset plugin compatibility with WP-MU multisite system is under development and testing. In this regard, the developers do not recommend using WP Reset to roll back the main site to the default settings, however, the plugin works correctly with sub-sites. Over time, the multisite compatibility issue will be resolved.

Nuclear Reset

This feature allows you to reset absolutely everything and delete all data, including media files, plugins, themes and databases, leaving a completely clean version of WordPress. This can be useful for completely rebuilding the site.

Change WordPress version

The ability to install an update in development or roll back a system to an outdated version and then quickly bring it back up to date opens up many opportunities for developers working with WordPress.

Collection of themes and plugins

This function will allow you to collect in one place all the necessary plugins and themes in order to quickly install them after resetting or creating a new site and start configuring. This will significantly save time for configuring and debugging the site.

The WP Reset plugin is an extremely useful tool for creating, customizing and modifying sites based on the WordPress CMS system. It allows you to reset all parameters to default values ​​in a few clicks, which is necessary when installing and testing various additional elements of the site.