Configuring the All in One SEO Pack plugin

In fact, there are a lot of SEO plugins for WordPress, but I, like Mikhail Shakin, think that one of the best is all in one SEO pack, as I said myself – not a supporter of plugins, but you just can’t do without some. A little later I will write about a few more plugins that I actively or passively use for my blogs.

And first, I’ll tell you about the all in one SEO pack plugin, you can download the plugin from the official website using the link

I don’t always understand why bloggers most often write that to install a plugin, you need to unpack it on your computer and upload it via FTP to the plugins folder on the server. It is much easier to do everything through the WordPress admin panel and immediately activate and go to the plugin settings there, I always install everything through the admin panel, but I change the code via ftp , pre-save the source file on the computer, because it often happens that after deleting some line (especially in the template) the blog does not open.

Let’s move on to our all-in-one SEO pack plugin, what it is and why we need it. We need it for the most part by a search engine, but since we need the effect of search engines, we need it.

Install the plugin and go to its settings:

1. Module state: Connect / Disconnect – naturally, in order for the plugin to work, you need to check the Connect box.

2. Title of the main page. Well, I think there is no need to explain it.

3. Description of the main page. We fill in the description of the page.

4. Keywords for the home page. We write keywords separated by commas. The main thing here is not to overdo it, write clearly, everything that is on your blog.

We have done the necessary plugin configuration, all other settings can be disassembled individually, I did not touch almost anything, but I will tell you another very useful function, but for this, you need to have already installed the plugin and if you already have it installed, you can start.

The second great feature of this plug-in, I said to myself – this prescription ” Title “, ” Description ” and ” Keywords ” for each article on your blog. The meaning of the customization is the same as the main page customization.

To optimize the article, you don’t even need to go to the plugin settings, below the window where we write articles for the blog, a new field “SEO package all in one” has appeared. These are the fields for article optimization, that is, if you are writing, say, a review of a film, you can write in the title, description, and keywords everything you need to improve the search results, while we will not need to get stuck with keywords while writing an article, they are certainly needed, but the plugin will help simplify the task.

That’s all I think about, later I will write about another indispensable plugin that is suitable for any blog on WordPress and for any of its topics. I’ll be back if you click +1 or tweet 🙂 And of course, don’t forget to leave your comments.