Great Opportunity Monetizing Your  WordPress Website & Benefited Online

Currently, a large number of sites are created with the aim of making money on the Internet, so the monetization process begins immediately after the main promotion activities. Monetizing a website is an important process that needs special attention, so a creator who is going to make money on the Internet should know the main ways of monetizing.

The main methods of monetization include such types as contextual advertising, banner advertising, selling advertising space on the site, teaser advertising, and selling links. Each of the above monetization methods needs to be described in more detail.

Contextual advertising

  • Contextual advertising is a type of advertising that is directly in the content and at first, a glance is not noticeable to the user. But such advertising is quite effective and has an excellent effect on the target audience. In order to get substantial income from this type of advertising, you need to have a site with a lot of traffic. From a site whose traffic exceeds 500 people a week, you can get an income of about 5,000 rubles a month and this is not the limit.

Banner advertising

  • Banner advertising is an image or flash animation, which is usually located on the main page of the site and is displayed for a certain period. The cost of showing such advertising is quite high, but only sites with good TIC and PR indicators, as well as high traffic, can get high profits. It should be noted that recently, banner advertising is not perceived by site visitors. Therefore, banner advertising must be placed on sites whose promotion is at the final stage, so as not to harm the growth of traffic.

Sale of advertising space on the site

  • Selling advertising space on the site is not much different from banner advertising, but this method is considered more effective and convenient for site owners. Banner advertising can spoil the appearance of the site and differ significantly from its design, which cannot be said about the lease of individual sites. It will be necessary to repeat that this method of monetization requires a promoted site.

Teaser advertisement

  • Teaser advertising, is a special type of advertising, since it promotes mainly entertainment content, then it should be placed on sites of relevant topics. This is necessary in order to increase its efficiency. The profit from teaser advertising is low but stable, so novice website creators resort to this method of monetization.

Selling links

  • Selling links, a way of monetization, which is perfect for mid-level projects. Selling links on a site with good traffic can make a good profit, you can make sure of this by looking at the offers of exchanges that are engaged in buying and selling links. More details here

Above were listed the main and most affordable ways to monetize modern sites that are now widespread. Website owners who want to profit from their Internet project need to study the above methods in more detail and implement them on their resources.