It is hard to go without your smartphone. We are dependent on it for a lot of things, like communication with friends and family, entertainment, and a better life for us. However, a battery might not last for very long. Not just a single charge.

That is why we opt for a good and reliable smartphone for carrying out all those daily tasks. And they might not last as long as we hope. So, here are the five smartphones, which we have listed here, which could help you in running smoothly as a smartphone user.

iPhone 8

This smartphone is also known as the iPhone 8S. It is placed among the top smartphones of 2017. It is available for purchase on the online retail portals and also on the physical stores and it is, therefore, a smartphone, which is designed for its user.

Under the top 10, it is in the 11th position. That, of course, must be no mistake. If you do not have an iPhone 8, then you have to be careful of that one.

The smartphone comes equipped with a 1,558 × 1920 pixel screen display, which is naturally perfect for watching movies and listening to music. The 5G connectivity via a Snapdragon 836 processor is also a key selling point.

It has a powered 4,700 mAh battery, which easily lasts more than you need for a couple of days. Hence, it is one of the best smartphones for long battery life.

iPhone 8SE

With a more compact size, 5.2 inches, the iPhone 8SE is an excellent choice for someone, who is, of course, running a lot of stuff on their smartphones, like running a business. This was probably one of the reasons why it was designed to reduce the bulk.

However, this too is a miniaturized smartphone. It is roughly the same size as an Apple Watch. This is a decent size for running and reading PDFs. However, for work purposes, it is still plenty of space, and this is a good reason why it is the top choice for those who prefer a large screen size and are running a lot of work.

Google Pixel 3

This smartphone does not have a lot of upgrades, compared to the others. It has a straightforward design, making it suitable for the majority of users.

As discussed earlier, the phone comes with a five-inch screen, which is more than the users. But, thanks to its modern design, it is possible to pack a lot of stuff in your pocket. In addition, it is good for holding things when you are running or driving.

The iPhone is available from the top online outlets, physical retail outlets, and also from offline stores. It is also known as the iPhone 7. To compare, it is placed among the top 10.

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7, an iPhone 7S, an iPhone 7 Pro Max among other smartphones, could help you in running smoothly as a smartphone user. It comes equipped with a 3.5” LCD panel, which comes with both sRGB and grayscale color spaces.

The phone has a 3.5” Touch ID Home Button. It also has a dual-camera setup. It has a 12MP+12MP dual camera setup for taking stunning selfies. It has a 5MP shooter to take amazing portrait shots.

Moreover, this phone also has a long-lasting battery, which can last more than two days of usage. Thus, it is a good example of how the smartphone could make your life more smooth, as they say.


None of the devices here are on sale in India. So, you will have to look up the applicable prices on the brands’ portals and the stores’ websites to get in touch with an Apple and/or Google store, so that you could compare them with each other.