We have all heard of Facebook and Instagram and any other social media but what is the biggest platform that might turn you into a billionaire? It’s the answer to which platform we have all been waiting for in our hearts. That platform is TikTok! That platform is a gathering of video-sharing apps launched to replace video-sharing websites like YouTube and Vodafone.

Just like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok has succeeded in growing pretty fast. There are about 350 million people currently using the platform with 200 million active users daily. TikTok is a video-sharing app that has built a massive following in the shortest span of time. The content that you shoot on TikTok is just seconds longer than on YouTube which means that you just have to shift the little cameras on the camera angles, add filters and you are up to content creation on the app!

How do you even become a millionaire on TikTok? Look around and you will be able to see quite a lot of low-cost platforms to start with because TikTok started way back in 2011. TikTok allows people from all over the world to make money online. It works on an E-commerce platform so you don’t have to spend much. If you find that you need a platform for videos with more of an adult audience, TikTok is the best option for that.

Borrowing from the experiences of some of the biggest people TikTok has come a long way to where it’s not just cute 10-minute viral content anymore that people are using it. TikTok is also an advertising platform. Now the more people that use TikTok, the more followers you get. This gives a platform to start making a ton of money.

TikTok also allows you to create programs. You can create a program that is great for updating your social media followers regularly. You can develop something into an ad showing up a few times every day.

TikTok is just the gateway to the true future of social media. Which platforms will be next? Who is already making money and who will be among the top 5?

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