On the client’s site, the client’s buttons with an affiliate link in Chrome are no longer displayed. But on my computer in the same Chrome, I saw the buttons. The problem turned out to be in the ad blocker AdBlock, a popular extension for many browsers.

Fearful of this problem, it turned out that there are no plugins that solve this issue. The plugin variant that determines the user’s Adblock and displays a message asking to deactivate the blocker did not fit. It is also not an option to write in support of AdBlock with a request to whitelist the site.

I’ve tried redirect plugins like  No External Links, which hides an affiliate link behind an internal one, but it didn’t help. The button became visible, but it became not clickable.

I tried the Hide Links Pro plugin, which hides links behind a Java script. The result is the same as above.

And the solution came to mind unexpectedly and it is associated with a plugin that is not intended for this. I would call it a redirect from a non-existent page on your site to an affiliate link.

Clearly Pro plug-in

This plugin is rich in functionality, and I consider it a must on the site. But this is not the main thing, it has a Redirect tab that interests us.

But before that, let’s create a page that you don’t have on your site and when you visit which it gives a 404 error.

Let it be a link like https: //your_site.com/takoy-stranizi-net/.

Go to the Clarify Pro plugin settings and select the Redirect tab:

If you have several affiliate links, then for each you need to create a non-existent page on your site.

What kind of advertising is this method suitable for?

Unfortunately, this method will not work for affiliate scripts. I mean, Adsense and YAN cannot be shown in this way.

But for referral affiliate links, this is the perfect solution. I recommend placing a button or image on your site. If you pull it from the advertiser’s website, then there is a high probability of blocking.

To test this method, install a Chrome extension called AdBlock, it’s free. And see how your ad buttons are displayed.