Many users use Joomla to manage site content and publish content on their resources. Of course, Joomla is considered a good platform, but it is still not suitable for everyone, so some people decide to migrate from Joomla to WordPress, which is easy to use. In this case, you can use the full potential of WordPress plugins and templates. For the transfer, you can use the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin, which can be easily downloaded from the Internet.

It is best to do the transfer on a local server (WAMP, Denver). First, a WordPress site is created on localhost. A database is created, and the WordPress distribution is unpacked into the local server folder. The same is repeated with the Joomla site. When the site is already functioning on the Internet, then a backup is made, and then deployed on a local server simultaneously with the database.

Now on localhost, there is a WordPress site with a pre-installed FG Joomla to WordPress plugin and a Joomla site also on localhost, from which the WordPress database will be transferred.

You need to go to the admin panel of your WordPress site. The FG Joomla to WordPress plugin must be activated. You can go to “Tools” – “Import”, where the menu item “Import categories, media files and using materials from the Joomla database to WordPress” is selected. Then all the necessary parameters are set to transfer the resource to WordPress, which the script offers. These parameters include URL, Joomla version of the Joomla site, hostname, port, Joomla database name, username, password, and Joomla table prefix.

Then the option “check connection” is pressed. When everything is in order, the Joomla resource database is migrated to the WordPress site. It will be more difficult, or rather more expensive, with the transfer of Comments comments. The paid version of the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin can carry Jcomments. A useful thing, since a paid extension of such a plugin can import many other elements, for example, Joomla K2 comments.