Here you can order the installation of the Western bid PayPal Woo commerce plugin for WordPress integration.

Many masters of their craft are familiar with the Western bid trading agency. It allows you to expand your business around the world. The agency makes it possible to accept payments through PayPal for website owners from Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. It also offers tasty tariffs for sellers from Russia. Plus, they take over the delivery of your goods to the end customer and solve problems with the payment system.

If you’ve grown up with Etsy and eBay, then it’s time to start thinking about your WordPress site. To increase sales and enable payment acceptance, you need the Wester bid PayPal Woo commerce plugin. We offer a turnkey solution.

Plugin features

A new method “Westernbid – Payment via Visa / MasterCard” will appear in the WooCommerce settings in the Payments tab :

Store connection

To connect, you need to contact a representative by sending a request to from your mailbox. The application is submitted in the form of a letter with the subject “Connecting my store to Westernbid Shop”. The letter should contain all available contact information, a link to your own store, which will need to be connected, and the nickname of the first account on Ebay or Etsy.

Send a short resume describing the assortment of goods, estimated turnovers, methods of purchasing the goods, the number of employees, the form of registration of the company.

The manager will respond to the application within 24 hours, and, if necessary, will request the missing information.

Test mode

As a result of communication with a personal assistant by mail, a special secret key will be generated for you. This key must be used by you when connecting to the system.


Plugin settings are simple and easy to change. You will need to provide a Username and a Secret Key:

Notification by e-mail about new orders and change of order status will be sent correctly by WooCommerce itself.