Facebook marketing will not bring results to a business unless the marketing is carefully planned and executed. Targeting your marketing to potential customers is a prerequisite for effective marketing, just like the steps to Facebook marketing. However, these things are still new to many businesses, and Facebook’s features are often left completely untapped due to inexperience or a busy schedule.

However, Facebook marketing only produces results when done correctly, and in this article we’ll cover the four most important steps to a successful Facebook campaign.

1. Goal One: Drive traffic to your business website or engage with Facebook posts

The first goal is to get people to see and interact with your posts. This is important because it is the only way to find audiences that will benefit from your products or services.

So what is Facebook advertising for if the goal is to get more traffic and engagement to your posts? I highly recommend two groups:

  • People who visited your company’s website.
  • People who liked your Facebook site.

These two groups because they have already shown interest in your business.

Facebook page likers should target marketing as only 3-10% of people who like will see your post for free.

Even if these target groups are small, I still recommend targeting them with marketing. However, keep your budget down so your post doesn’t get too much in front of people in Facebook newsfeeds.

You can also find more audiences for a post in the following ways.

Past activities with the company will significantly increase your post engagement rate. That’s why people who visited your website or liked a company’s Facebook page are a good target group. Of course, you need to share material that appeals to your target audience and is useful to them.

2. Second goal: to like the Facebook page.

What kinds of people are likely to like your Facebook site? In general, those who already know who you are and with whom you have already established some kind of relationship through the network. Liking a Facebook page is an indication that people will want to continue receiving messages from you and will find them useful.

So what kind of people should you try to like your Facebook page? Two targeting options are especially good because they’ve already shown some kind of movement toward your company:

  • People who visited your site
  • Targeting using information from the company’s customer record (email, phone number)

Site visitors are the most potential target group. They’ve just shown an interest in your business, so it’s worth getting them to like your site. This will make them easily accessible again and liking is a sign of wanting to receive your communication.

Now you understand why Facebook Likes must be collected correctly. You will focus more on them in the future, so randomly collected people will not benefit your business. In fact, they will only reduce your visibility because they will not engage with your posts.

3. Third objective: Obtain permission for direct marketing or participation in a company event.

So we bring the person forward in the shopping tube. To become a person as a customer, you need to guide the person forward step by step. The next step is to get the person more deeply involved in the business.

Direct marketing requires a permit in Finland, so you must direct visitors to your website, where you collect email addresses. Alternatively, you can collect phone numbers or addresses for direct mail. When you get that information from people, it brings them closer to running your business and no longer relying solely on Facebook as a means of communication.

Another option to involve people in the company is at customer days or other events organized by the company. For example, a popular trade show activity in Finland is an important way of getting people to deal directly with your company. You message people on Facebook and tell them to make an appointment with your booth, for example. This will allow you to interact directly and further improve the response to your communication.

In North America, downloading enterprise mobile apps is an important part of this engagement phase. In Finland, however, apps are not yet used as widely. One of the reasons is the smaller size of the target market. However, the use of apps is steadily increasing as their development costs have decreased. We will return to this topic later.

4. Objective Four: Sales

Marketing is all about sales, which is why many companies start right from step 4. Disappointments with marketing results are often due to the fact that people aren’t involved in any way before it takes place. carry out the sales process.

Would you buy from a place you know nothing about? Do you randomly pass on your credit card information, trusting that you will get your money’s worth?

Successful marketing on Facebook requires you to build an effective all-in-one and make marketing a useful machine that is responsible for generating results for your business.

Once all the steps have been completed correctly, you will have access to the following marketing resources:

  • A properly constructed Facebook target audience that responds to your posts.
  • A direct marketing list to reach your customers.
  • Well-constructed target audiences for people who visit your business website for Facebook marketing.
  • A list of people who have already bought from your website to target Facebook marketing.
  • A growing number of interested people to target with marketing.

You’ve now laid the groundwork for taking advantage of all forms of Facebook marketing. The basics are in place and you can really expect results from your marketing.


The purpose of the text was to describe all Facebook marketing to you, which is underutilized. There are many steps, but this set is much simpler to implement than is generally thought. The problem is that the company does not have its own resources to take the necessary measures. That is why it is often worthwhile to outsource the service. Keep within the company those activities that come easily and profitably from within the company and external tasks that commit too much of the company’s time to ensure efficient execution.

Remember to help us get your message across We are writing our blog so that marketing develops in Finland and we learn how to do things right in the ever-accelerating development. THANK YOU.

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