If you’re still not sure about the benefits of advertising on YouTube or why you should do it, check out the 5 Reasons to Advertise on YouTube Video Blog.

When your great video to reach your target audience is ready, you need to upload it to your YouTube channel. This will give your video affordable visibility, which you will only pay for if your video is actually seen. YouTube video can also direct people directly to your business website, at a great price.

YouTube advertising is a powerful way to make your video more viewable to the right audience.

As with Google Adwords advertising, it’s good to know the basics of campaign targeting in YouTube advertising.

Here are 4 ways to get the most out of your video in front of the people you want, avoid unnecessary ad costs, and get better performance for your entire video campaign.

All your advertising is effective when you know who you’re targeting: Before you can benefit from targeting, find out who you’re targeting. In Internet marketing, targeting is unprecedented precision, which is why it is the lifeblood of successful online advertising.

1. Geographic targeting

Location targeting is familiar if you’ve run Google Adwords campaigns. For a local business owner in particular, this is a surefire way to save money and make your marketing budget last longer.

Remember to display advertising only where you can serve your customers. If your business is located in certain cities, you will be able to target Google video advertising to those cities and surrounding areas.

You can target the viewability of your video ads by country, city, and zip code. If you want your ad to appear around a certain point, within a certain radius, that’s fine too: just specify the length of the radius and Google takes care of the rest.

2. Focus your video

you can read more segmentation methods here. Even on YouTube, targeting is constantly being refined and has pretty much the same targeting methods you’re used to on the Google Display Network.

You can focus your video on topics like different interests and hobbies. Relationship targeting includes, for example, car enthusiasts, movie enthusiasts, and pet enthusiasts. All of the relationship groups mentioned above can be broken down into even smaller entities, such as people with cats and dogs, and, say, different makes of cars.

Of course, YouTube advertising can also be demographically targeted by age and gender.

3. Excluding locations

Even if you only imagine advertising www.youtube.com will show your YouTube video campaign in default settings on the Google Display Network. The number of sites showing video ads is constantly growing, and it’s important to understand which sites are allowed to show your videos.

You can exclude the entire Display Network or just the sites you want. However, I recommend running separate campaigns on YouTube and the Display Network, as they behave very differently. By separating them, you can more easily optimize your campaign for greater effectiveness and figure out where your videos deliver the best performance and ROI.

You can also specify the sites where you definitely want your video ads to appear. The better you know your target audience and what kind of thematic sites they are browsing, the better you can get your message and video in front of them.

4. Remarketing

Remarketing or remarketing creates and targets advertising from people who have already visited the company’s website or people who have visited the company’s YouTube channel.

Done right, remarketing is an effective way to make people who are already familiar with your site or YouTube channel remember you and buy again. You can serve your promotional videos based on how people on your remarketing list have already viewed them, or serve videos based on the pages of your site that people have visited. This will further strengthen your message with videos.

Learn more about remarketing.


The effectiveness of a good video ad is high because it conveys emotions better than any other form of media. When a well-done video ad is effectively brought to your target audience, highly effective advertising can be done.

If you already have a video, why not try how much more effective it becomes with YouTube video advertising? If you are interested, please contact us and let’s discuss the matter further.