Until a few years ago, marketers questioned the use of video in digital marketing, as slow network connections and the very limited ability of smartphones to display video material limited their capabilities. As a result, website visitors largely did not watch the video.

As technology has advanced, video has become a very effective way to communicate online and its use has skyrocketed:

  • Currently, 70 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day.
  • YouTube watches 4 billion hours of video every month.

With YouTube Video Marketing, you get your videos in front of a larger audience and can target only the audience you want. So you can reach more people with a more specific message.

Here are 5 benefits of YouTube videos and marketing:

1. Video conveys emotion

The sounds and sights of videos convey emotions and messages better than any other form of content. Video ads move your viewers much more than just text or image ads.

2. Video is an additional way to reach your customer

The very fact that we humans learn in different ways, by reading, watching, listening and doing, means that video reaches a different audience than its textual content. In the video, the message is also conveyed on several levels, which makes the message more efficient.

Google video advertising is not limited to www.youtube.com but they also appear on the Google Display Network. Google’s display network reaches 98% of Finnish Internet users.

With YouTube Marketing, you can reach people across devices and locations. Watching a video while sitting at a coffee shop in the city is a very common way to kill time, and if you accidentally advertise a discount sale on new spring shoes at a nearby store, the coffee shopper’s next destination may change.

3. You only pay when the video is actually watched

Although YouTube in-stream videos that run as ads on top of the actual video will start automatically, as an advertiser, you will not be charged for this unless the user watches your video for at least 30 seconds.

The five seconds required before a user can see the video they are looking for is free for the advertiser. Make sure your videos convey your brand message as effectively as possible in the first 5 seconds.

4. Videos are much more than commercials

The use of this video should not be limited to advertising on YouTube.

  1. You can build your own YouTube channel with videos.
  2. You gain visibility on social networks.
  3. Your video can go viral and get a lot of “free” visibility.
  4. Good videos have also been shown to increase the conversion rate of a website; In other words, a video on a website increases sales.

5. Advertising on YouTube videos is measurable

The best thing about digital marketing is its measurability and targeting. All the benefits of digital marketing apply to video as well. You can measure the effectiveness of your video ad campaign from the click of your AdWords video campaign to the final purchase contact on your website.


The more people’s reasons for buying have been investigated, the clearer it has become that emotions are the most important factor in the purchase decision. Although a person often justifies a purchase on her own, he has already made the purchase decision for emotional reasons.

Video is a very effective way to appeal to emotions and thus convey the message. When you invest in a video, make sure you also invest in getting the video in front of your target audience.