This time we take a look at what a good Facebook marketing image looks like. Users navigate Facebook at a fast pace, so it matters what kind of image you put in your ad. So let’s quickly review what kind of images have worked best.

1. Happy, smiling and happy people

We like to see people happy. It is no coincidence that happy expressions have been used in marketing for a long time. Examined smiling woman it is the safest choice when you are thinking of an image for your marketing. You won’t be able to excel with this, but some things just work that way, so why change them?

2. Colors stand out

Colorful images are displayed. This is not suitable for all marketing, but I recommend trying it out. You don’t necessarily have to take colorful product images, all you have to do is change the background of the image to colorful. In this way, the image stands out from the images of others and catches people’s eyes.

3. Logo

A logo is a good marketing image when your brand needs to be recognized. Also, when you have managed to get your product known and people want to buy your products, then you should try using the logo. Marketing with a logo is also always proof of your brand awareness.

4. Offer

Write your offer in the image! Here again we find that marketing is not rocket science. If you have a good offer, you can write a picture of it. On Facebook, it’s quick to read. However, keep in mind that the proportion of text in a Facebook marketing image should not exceed 20% of the image area.

5. Children and pets

These just work. According to some studies, 2/5 of a video or ad that goes viral contains pets or children full of nice and funny things. People will be happy with them and your ad’s click-through rate will increase. Once again, rocket science is done at NASA and not in a marketing office.

6. Funny or weird

Funny or weird images. As long as they catch your eye. I’ve recently found it nice to see how the latter has been used in marketing in particular. I’m not too familiar with why weird images are charming, but somehow they are interesting and people are interested to see where the click leads. Especially when the advertiser is a well-known brand on a “safe” site. We will have to learn more about this later.

The sum of the sums

Creating marketing images isn’t rocket science, but it takes a long time to create. Sometimes even small differences in images affect ad clicks and sales. If you’re taking a promotional photo of a smiling woman, take 4 of them at once, using a different background or location. This will give you an idea of ​​what type of image works best. REMEMBER to accurately record the information you collect, or at least make sure your service provider does. Only then will you gain experience in marketing and learn to market better.

This time we’re going for clever basics and next week we’ll be back to digital marketing in general. Before that, however, Jaakko will air again on Thursday.

Have a nice work week!