7 Common Mistakes In Google Ads !This article reviews general problem situations that can occur with Google AdWords advertising.

Your ads are not running on Google

Created and published your campaigns, which include ad groups, ads, and keywords. Do a Google search and don’t see your ads? What could be the reason for this?


  • That you search in the area to which your ad is oriented. If your ad is targeting Oulu and you search Jyväskylä, your ad will not appear on Google. By the way, you should never use Google’s own ads, but rather the “Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool” found in AdWords. For example, you can use the tool to determine your location in Oulu and see how your ads will appear in Oulu.
  • Are your ads or keywords getting any impressions and are you sure they’re active?
  • Has your daily budget run out? If so, add negative keywords to your keyword list and refine your keywords in your keyword list.
  • The Quality Scores and bids for your keywords. Low Quality Scores can prevent your ads from showing, and if your bids are too low, Google won’t be able to show your ads.
  • After all, does your account have a margin and a payment method?

You won’t get enough clicks on your ads


  • Your selection of keywords.
  • Offers: Are they high enough?
  • Ad CTR.
  • The quality score of your keywords.

Incorrect keywords will prevent people from searching for the keywords you add, and as a result, your ads won’t appear on Google.

On the other hand, bidding too low can prevent your ad from showing. So check the average position of your ads. If this is too low, increase your bids so your ads rank higher.

Google also considers the click-through rate (CTR) on your ads and will show you ads that have a good click-through rate (CTR). So make sure your ads and keywords are a good match.

If your keywords have very low Quality Scores, like 1-2, Google will very rarely show ads. In this case, Google will also consider your ad’s landing page to be bad and won’t show your ads on Google.

Your campaign budget is insufficient for the entire day.

You may want to increase your budget, but you should review the following beforehand:

  • Check your ad rankings and lower your keyword bids if your ads appear in high positions.
  • Write more interesting ads and better target your keywords.
  • Improve the Quality Scores of your keywords. This will save you a considerable amount of money on your click costs.

Your clickthrough rate is low

If your ad’s CTR is low, people won’t be interested in your ad. Improve your click-through rate by adding negative keywords, refining your existing keyword match types, making your ads more relevant, and checking the relevance of your keywords to your ads. In addition, you can try increasing your keyword bids to help your ads appear in better positions on Google.

Also, review the search terms report to add the most popular keywords to your keywords and ads list.

Can’t find the right keywords

When planning your keyword list, you can use the AdWords Keyword Design Tool. Here you can see the estimated search volume for the keywords, as well as the estimated cost per click.

Your ads are showing in poor placements

  • Upload offers.
  • Improve your ads.
  • Refine your keyword match types.

Your products on your website will not be sold

Check the prices of your product. Are the prices competitive? View competitor websites. Are they easier to use? Also, check that your keywords match the product you are selling.


This blog post looked at the most common problems with Google AdWords advertising. Have you encountered these problems yourself in your advertising? If you’d like to know how well your AdWords account is performing, contact us and we’ll give you a free account performance survey.