According to the study, video content is 50 times more likely to be found on a search engine than text content.

The subject of video search engine optimization is really broad, so this blog post will focus on the most common way to use video online.

YouTube is the second most popular site in the world – Only Google itself is above. In fact, YouTube can be described as a video search engine, making it the second largest search engine in the world.

When many people are searching for information through a single site, marketers and video producers are becoming interested in ways to get their video as high as possible in search results. Videos rank high in search results as you get more viewers and visibility.

Youtube optimization

The process to optimize your video on YouTube is twofold:

  1. Optimize things within the page
  2. Creating links to the video page

After these two actions, the video will rank higher on YouTube, but will still have a chance to rank higher on Google search. Since the introduction of universal search in 2008, Google has sought to provide text, images, and videos in search results.

In a Search Metrics study 85% of searches return results with some type of universal search and of these videos are the most popular.

65% of Google searches include videos in the search results.

Because there is less video content online and Google is happy to post it to its search results, you have a better chance of landing on the Google home page.

How do I get my video to the top of YouTube?

Google has a poor understanding of video content, which is why video search engine optimization is actually optimizing other content on a page that contains a video. Let’s go over eight points that are sure to improve the visibility of your video.

1. Search phrase in the video title

Think about what keyword you want the video to be on and add it to the video title. The closer the word is to the beginning of the title, the more important it is to Google. However, keep in mind that the title will also entice the seeker to click on the search result.

2. Name the video file correctly

Use this same keyword keyword in the video file name. The name of the video should be “keyword.mp4”. This is really the only thing you can do to make the video itself more discoverable.

3. Write a description for the video.

This is the most important part of video optimization. Write a good description for your video, such as writing a search engine optimized article for your site. Use your main keywords and industry vocabulary. Definitely add a link to your own website, right at the beginning of the template.

However, remember that you are writing a description for people, not just search engines. The text must be fluid, not just keywords.

4. Label

Add the appropriate tags for the video. Use your most important keyword as the first tag, as well as industry vocabulary and synonyms.

5. Feedback

If your video receives comments, moderate them. Delete spam comments and reply to relevant ones. This creates more textual content for the page and increases the value of the page in the eyes of Google.

6. Also post the video on your own website

Even if you post a video on YouTube, use it on your own site as well. A video can be a part of a long article on your site, creating more value for your textual content. However, the video is “double content” and the original can be found on YouTube, so it requires decent text content on its own site.

7. Subtitles

If your video talks a lot, add subtitles With the YouTube subtitles function. This apparently does little to increase the video’s ranking in spoken words, but it tells Google and YouTube more about the topic of the video. Subtitles also provide a better user experience. However, check the subtitle file and correct your language.

8. Bonding

Share videos on your social media channels. These are weak links to your video and increase your visibility and get your video content to more people. On YouTube, rankings are also affected by video views, which you can increase by sharing your video. Note! Under no circumstances should you purchase impressions for your video. They are built with computer programs and therefore are not real video views.


Videos are a very underused way to get more visibility on search engines in Finland, and considering the cost of producing high-quality videos, it’s worth putting in a bit of effort and taking care to optimize your video at the same time.

With a well-optimized video, you can also achieve a lot in the field of search engine optimization. A faster and more effective way to get your videos viewable is to take advantage of YouTube advertising. With YouTube advertising, you can generate new interest, gain leads and customers, and increase awareness or strengthen your brand’s presence in minds.

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