In addition to the affiliate marketing Keyword research Part 1, this article will continue to introduce you to social media keyword research tools when doing affiliate marketing.

3 – BuzzSumo Keyword Research Tool

BuzzSumo tool is a website with the feature to find the most shared content on social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter… Notably, this tool is also attached to a fixed timeline. From there you can update the latest trends that happen in the world or on social networks.

This is a great tool for checking your keyword rankings as well as providing an analysis of your competitors’ keyword strategies. Also, like other keyword research tools, this tool also helps you to check high engagement keywords and social media actions.

This tool will give you keyword suggestions that are sometimes ignored or disregarded by SEOs, giving extremely good results on social media sites. To have a successful affiliate marketing campaign on social media, you need to identify many factors and the Buzzsumo tool will give you many customer insight suggestions that you never thought of.

Another great advantage of Buzzsumo is the question suggestion feature. This feature really brings great efficiency to the marketers. Imagine that you want to know what people are saying about the topic “make money online with affiliate marketing”. You just need to enter the keyword “make money online with affiliate marketing” in the search box.

The Buzzsumo tool will suggest questions for users using this topic. This way you will know what you have to do so that your social media channel is known by many people.

4 – Keyhole Keyword Research Tool

This is a relatively new keyword research tool that few people know about. Basically, the Keyhole tool is a search engine. However, thanks to its amount of data, it has become extremely effective on Twitter and Instagram.

When you need to search for a certain topic of discussion on Keyhole, the results will be posts by people on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

If you intend to use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for affiliate marketing, then take advantage of this tool!

In addition to keyword research tools, you should also be aware of tools to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your keywords. From there, adjust the keywords and promote the keywords to TOP.

1 – Cyfe Tool

Cyfe is a frequently used tool for social media marketers. Currently, there are about 200,000 people using it thanks to outstanding features such as:

This is the most powerful social media marketing tool for your marketing campaigns. Currently, more than 200,000 people around the world use it due to outstanding features such as:

– Real time report by keyword

– Manage personal data from social media accounts

– Allow users to use 5 widgets in admin for free

Cyfe is a very simple and easy to use tool that many people use on a regular basis. In addition, Cyfe has also provided a full range of features to help you easily manage issues related to your company’s social networking sites. Cyfe’s tools also connect directly to Google Analytics, allowing you to see all the information you need on a single admin page.

2 – Natural search in the search bar

For different social networking sites, they will use their own filters. And this means that there will be things that seem to be trending, popular on Facebook, Twitter but not much attention on Instagram or Pinterest and vice versa.

Therefore, organic search is one of the easiest ways, just by typing keywords in the search box. The results suggested by the social media search engine are also what users are interested in. This is not a new way of doing things, but it always gives the best results.

3 – Follow fashion trends on social networking sites

There is another easy way to create content according to current trends on social networking sites. Some search engines that you should use are: Google Trends, Twitter Trending Keywords, Pinterest Trending Keywords, Facebook Trending Search, Reddit Cover…

No matter what content you want to create or affiliate marketing you want to develop, the only way is to keep traffic on your social media channels. That requires you to create hot topics that people are interested in, and right now Trending Now is the number one choice.