Keyword research is a very important step when starting any marketing campaign, especially when doing affiliate marketing.

To create an effective social media campaign, generating lots of commissions, you not only need to post articles on many social media sites, track their interactions… but also do more work than that. .

Most importantly, you need to know what your customers need and want, answer their questions, and provide the information they want to know. This article will be divided into 2 parts, please follow below.

The use of social networks to communicate affiliate marketing is a combination of all the traditional methods of online marketing. Affiliate marketing campaigns on social networks should be based on the basic principles of marketing:

– Customer Perspective: You can use individual research to learn how to increase your brand awareness and therefore better serve customers.

– Understanding niche topics will help the social network team create trending and creative articles, so you will see the best results for those articles.

– As keyword research becomes more popular, it will allow marketers to know what they need, what to post, and what makes readers interested and want to share your article…

Keyword research is not too difficult for anyone who has done affiliate marketing. You just need to know the following tools to be able to do this job completely.

1 – Google Analytics Keyword Research Tool

This is an important and most popular keyword research tool among marketers, somewhat similar to the Google Search Console tool. For the Google Analytics tool, you can search for keywords when users visit your website by advertising.

One plus point of this tool is that it allows you to generate customer reports. Furthermore, Google Analytics also allows you to monitor and verify the success of your affiliate marketing campaigns. From there, you’ll know how to optimize for future affiliate marketing campaigns.

For those who make money online, do digital marketing or do affiliate marketing, this tool is an effective arm to help them reach and understand users in the best way.

2 – Serpstat Keyword Research Tool

This is a marketing support platform with many features, including keyword research. Due to its positive advantages, some marketers operating in the field of affiliate marketing in the world love to use it.

The Serpstat tool will allow you to quickly find the popular keywords that you and your competitors are using. Plus, you can uncover opportunities from new keywords that many people are interested in. In addition, you can also track the position of the website for the keywords that you want to rank for in the serps.

Serpstat features you should know about:

  • – Find out if competitors have websites that reach the top of the search for what keywords.
  • – Search, discover all words, check keywords. Research the right questions and come up with creative ideas.
  • – Check and distribute your website’s ranking position on search engines.
  • – Analyze SERP indexes, provide results displayed for the top 100 search positions in Google.