The most common mistake we see in our new customer accounts is using the search and display networks in the same campaign. There is only one tip for this, “- Not like this.”

It’s a different kind of animal!!

What works on the search network doesn’t work on the display network. The biggest difference is that the display network is interrupting advertising, like television and magazines. Therefore, you must “steal” the Internet user’s attention for your ad.

So, let’s go through the Display Network campaign setup step by step.

Select an approach

– usually Finland. If you advertise in more than one country, run a campaign for each country. Here’s how to see what type of ad and message is running in any country. Also, make sure to translate your keywords, ads, and landing pages into the language of that country. You know how difficult it is to convey a message if the listener does not speak the same language as you.

choose language

Finnish, Swedish and English, has options in Finland. On the Display Network, you need to think about your language settings based on the language sites you want your ad to appear on. Many Finns browse sites in English and Swedish, which is why they are also included in the selection. More information on language selection from here.

Offers and budget

I set my CPC bids manually. (This is how you determine what you’re willing to pay per clicker)

daily budget it is difficult to conceive. Think of your monthly budget and divide it by 30.4 to get your daily budget. Google will not charge you for clicks in any month.

Distribution Method

Normal. Google displays your ads evenly throughout the day. Start with this setup once you’ve made your campaign effective, switch to the next one.

Accelerated. Once you’ve got your campaign running well, select this option. This will allow Google to reach your daily budget as quickly as possible, maximizing the visibility of your ads throughout the day.

ad extensions

Location. If your business has a physical location, add your address information and it will appear with your ad.

Phone number. If you’re trading from your phone, it’s a good idea to have your number appear with your ad. If you don’t want your phone to ring at night, you can schedule viewing times for the telephone extension, for example, from 8 to 17, don’t you think any entrepreneur would make a shorter day?


You can set the time your campaign ads run..

The general rule of thumb is that most trades take place between 7 am and 11 pm However, you may not want to directly limit your campaign to this, but give it a try. From the reports, you can see what times of the day your ads sell best and when there’s little or no change in your viewability. You can also adjust your click bids based on the time of day, so you pay less for a click during the off-peak period and more for the best time, and ensure your visibility.

In Adwords, everything will be tested without a doubt!

ad rotation

Recycle without restrictions.

With this option, you can test the performance of different ads yourself, Google will display all your ads evenly, and you will be able to see which ad is the most effective after accumulating the required number of clicks. The winning ad can stay in the campaign and become a new competitor right away. Testing your campaign in this way will continually improve its performance.

frequency limiting

– If you use cpm (Cost Per Thousand) as your billing basis, you can limit your visibility.

– Similarly, in the case of a remarketing campaign, make sure you set a limit. Otherwise, your ads will follow your visitors so effectively that they will become a reminder of your brand’s existence, chase, and only generate negative thoughts about your business.

– So how should you limit it? Well, it depends on your product and the length of your sales cycle, it is the answer that you will find everywhere on the net and it is true. However, to start with, say, 3 times a day per ad group, it’s a good idea to make sure your ad isn’t the only ad a user sees on your site.

Last week, we featured a bit of the Google Display Network, if you’re interested in reading more about it.

Next week we will tell you what remarketing Google offers and why you should be interested in it, so you should definitely keep an eye out for it!