Affiliate marketing is spreading in Vietnam, this concept is no longer foreign to everyone. The platform has helped millions of people increase their income every day. However, not everyone can easily make money with affiliate marketing, especially beginners. So the way to post ads will be the solution of choice for many people today. apia It will help you become more experienced in running effective affiliate marketing ads!

For those of you who want to do good affiliate marketing, you will definitely need to know how to post ads on Facebook or Google to help reach more customers and generate orders to earn high commissions. It can also be said that running ads is the most effective way to do and get the most advertising results when doing affiliate marketing, specifically, let’s find out how!

Facebook is a very popular social network for everyone, almost everyone owns this social channel. And of course, there are many people who have made money from Facebook, especially the method of running ads. This is also an easy way to do affiliate marketing that any newbie can apply.

Facebook ads are a simple yet highly effective money-making tool that can help you attract your potential customers. You also need to understand marketing, learn your audience to run the right target customer file for good results.

The client analysis step, as well as the analysis of the Facebook ad tools, is very important, especially for newbies to avoid the case of losing money to post ads but not getting results.

To run Facebook ads, you must first create an account (the more the better), a Visa card, and money to run ads. Next, you need to determine your ad objective, budget, and target audience, plus invest in content with beautiful, eye-catching images that will attract interested customers.

To be successful running ads, you will need to test many times and optimize to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. As an affiliate marketer, it is important that when you post ads, you remember to install tracking codes to track or measure the effectiveness of the campaign. When there are specific numbers after tracking, the job of optimizing content and clicking links will be easier.

Some notes for you are:

+ Avoid content content, false images, offensive words.

+ The account to run ads is not very trustworthy, for example, your account used to be an administrator of spam pages or new accounts…

+ Unusual increase or decrease in ad budget, newbies should be aware of this because when a policy changes, Facebook will change the algorithm from the start.

+ Sensitive topics and content with specific characteristics such as health, medical treatment, etc.

Please keep the above in mind to avoid unfairly losing money by running Facebook ads. Many of you spend a lot of money to post ads with the idea that the more money you post, the better the results. This is true but not enough, everything will have to be tested, tested many times, you will have more experience running ads.

Another way to post ads when doing affiliate marketing is just as effective is Google Ads. You just need to create your own landing page or use the provider’s own landing page (affiliate network).

A special feature of this form of advertising is execution by keywords. What you need to do is that when customers search for a certain keyword on Google, your web pages or articles and product links will appear first without SEO. By reaching many customers, the Publisher will optimize the click rate on the affiliate link and convert it into a purchase order from the customer, thus earning a commission.

When running Google ads, you should keep in mind that the landing page must be SEO standard and relevant to your ad template. To post Google ads, you need to prepare a Gmail account that has never been used to post ads and a Visa card for payment.

Some notes for you:

+ The title part should contain keywords that attract customers to reach

+ Increase the percentage of time that customers stay on your page as long as possible, this indicator shows that customers are really interested and your page meets their needs.

+ Need to capture customer insights, capture psychology, and create compelling, engaging, eye-catching post content.

The landing page interface should be easy to see, easy to operate, and quick to process information, to avoid errors and delays.

+ The keywords you run must be carefully selected and researched and at the same time standard SEO from the title to the entire content of the post.

Just like Facebook Ads, Google Ads will also bring you high efficiency if you know how to execute the right target customers and optimize for keywords. Of course, you also have to do a lot to get a lot of experience for yourself.

The experience of running affiliate marketing ads that Adpia shares with everyone will be the premise to help you do better affiliate marketing and earn lots of commissions. For those of you who are just starting out, there will be a lot of difficulties, but no matter what you do, just do your research, find out and find the right direction to post ads, you will get results. I wish you success with running affiliate marketing ads.