Content is a very important element in marketing, especially when you join an affiliate marketing platform, you will definitely see this. This article will be enthusiastically shared by an experienced publisher who has been doing affiliate marketing for a long time. Surely after reading this article, you will find the right address for your ineffective campaigns.

First, you need to read and learn about products, customers, and vendors. Before writing, it is necessary to read the necessary information related to the products and suppliers. You may not know how to write good content, but the most important thing is knowing how to write the right information.

On the affiliate marketing platform, all CPO campaigns will have a pre-landing provided by the platform. These are quality pre-landings, providing accurate, well researched and written information. Initially, you can use these pre-landings to run the campaign.

However, if you use pre-landing for a while, you will notice that pre-landing is no longer effective. This requires you to create your own quality content.

In the process of reading and rechecking the available pre-landing, it will help you better understand the product, the market, and the customer you intend to target. You should also try to rewrite a previous landing based on the information you get.

The new content not only helps improve metrics, including: click-through rate, landing page order rate, sales, commissions, etc. Those who do affiliate marketing but still go down completely. If you take full responsibility for the closing fee for the customer support team, you need to reconsider.

Writing content makes many people shy, but it’s imperative to do so if just relying on a pre-landing rewrite plan still doesn’t deliver the desired results. However, at this time, having carefully researched and tested before, running for a long time, your product knowledge will also increase a lot.

At this stage, sketch out some ideas about different approaches and forms of persuasion.

Suggest some ideas for writing content.

– Tell a story of yourself, or trust a client before and after using the product… (this is common)

Comments from famous people, experts in that product or field.

– Narrate the content of related interviews

– Give the cause and the solution. (I see that many guys are taking advantage of this type of content)

– Reviews, product reviews.

– … and many other ideas

Now my job is to pick a few favorite ideas, frame the content for each article, and refine it.

Some experiences to share in the content writing process

Don’t rely too much on what is available. If it were that easy, it seems like anyone could do it.

Feel free to write and try. Tests may fail at first, but once you’ve found a winning field, all the effort, money, and brainpower you spend is often well rewarded.

– After writing, you can ask your friends to read it again to evaluate and give suggestions. However, it is better to let the customers judge. Many times I can write what I like, but when guests come in they turn their backs to leave, and the ones they don’t like are delicious.

– Whenever you have a good content idea in your head, save it and try it out.

– Language is important: you must write it correctly and according to the target audience. Then there is the element of how good it is to write, how to write, how to touch the pain, the secret things, evoke emotions, beliefs, hopes… Finally, convincing them to become my clients.

– Content style, concept theme, and interface of a pre-post post are also things to consider.

– Take the time to sit and chat with customers, you will know some more interesting things.

With a passionate exchange like this, you probably already know what to do about your ineffective ad campaigns, right? Persistence, persistence, creativity will help you get further in this industry.