Affiliate Marketing in Vietnam it is growing and is chosen by many people as a respectable way to earn money. With an affiliate marketer, you will certainly be no stranger to the affiliate marketing platform and when you start working, you will come across different terms. First Click or Last Click, what impact do these two terms have on making money with affiliate marketing? 

First click and last click are two important attribution models and provide many benefits to both providers and publishers. This model will help you measure your interactions with ads and you can measure their performance and optimize your campaigns. It can be said that these two models are currently the most popular and for an affiliate marketer, both must understand these two models and choose an attribution model to get it right.

+ First click: It is a system to recognize and calculate the commission for the product channel that the customer visited the website for the first time before buying the product.

+ Last click: The provider will record the order and calculate the commission for the last channel that the customer visited the last website before buying the product.

* Recording mechanism in the system

+ First Click: There is no core deployment model because it creates a reluctance to invest and reach customers who have the ability to get “cookies” from publishers into a system.

+ Last Click: It is the most popular system today, this helps publishers to compete fairly and actively promote products, take care of customers to convert them into successful orders.

* Advantage

+ First click: This model is more beneficial for publishers because it has high interactions and attracts many customers to buy products. From there, you can increase your income and increase your income. Especially suitable for publishers with a high capacity for attracting clients, this model will be very suitable.

+ Last Click: With this model, the customer’s last purchase conversion will be recorded, thus creating a fair competition between publishers. Thus, it pushes publishers to work hard to create engaging content to attract more people who are interested in the product you are promoting. At the same time, it is also a coordination effort to increase the customer reach rate between the provider and the publisher.

* Flaw

+ First click: In addition to the advantages mentioned above of this model, there are also disadvantages that you must know to overcome. It is a model that makes publishers compete with many advertisers in the market. When vendors actively promote their products on vendor information pages to attract many customers, it will be difficult for publishers to promote them.

+ Last Click: As for this model, it is similar to the first click which is highly competitive between publishers and vendors.

These two models will help advertisers understand the individual touchpoints involved in a customer’s conversion path and how they interact. The overall goal is to ensure that the marketing budget is spent more effectively to generate a high ROI. It also helps advertisers better understand the user journey across channels and presents opportunities for them to invest in other areas.

As discussed above, each model will have its own advantages and disadvantages. That is why publishers should learn and choose for themselves affiliate marketing providers that match their interests and goals in order to earn a lot of commissions.

Through this article, we hope to help you understand more about this model in the most accurate way. In general, these two models are very important, so each publisher, embarking on affiliate marketing, should carefully study and choose for himself how to make the most suitable model.