Google Ads Negative Keywords Guide for 2023 ! To be successful in Google Adwords, you need to understand the importance of negative keywords. Without them, you will not be able to create successful Adwords advertising. You can often forget about adding negative keywords once the actual keywords have been added to your account. You should always remember to add negative keywords to your account as they are just as important as the actual keywords.

What are negative keywords?

negative keywords These are the words you don’t want your ads to appear on. For example, if you have an online store that sells children’s shoes, you probably don’t want your ads to show on the keywords women’s shoes or men’s shoes, so you can add those words to your list as negative keywords. In this case, words are enough for negative keywords. women Y mens in which case Google won’t show your ads on search terms that include either.

Why use negative keywords?

Using negative keywords will increase your keyword’s click-through rate (CTR) and improve your Quality Score. As your Quality Score improves, your ad position will also improve and your click bids will become cheaper.

Why is my CTR increasing? With negative keywords, you show people who searched for ads relevant to their search. When people see an ad that most closely matches their search, they are happy to click on the ad.

Let’s take an example:

The person wants to find women’s shoes and writes the words women’s shoes, does a search and sees an ad for children’s shoes that you sell. In this case, the person will most likely not click on her ad. You will accumulate unnecessary impressions for words for which you will definitely not get sales. At the same time, your clickthrough rate will decrease and your Quality Score will decrease. This is why it is very important to remember to use negative keywords.

Why should I also use negative keywords across different ad groups?

You can also use negative keywords between ad groups to show your ads in the correct ad group to people who searched.

Example: Your online store sells children’s shoes and you have created different ad groups for children’s rubber boots and children’s sneakers. In this case, you can add children’s rubber boots to your ad group as a negative keyword, and vice versa. This ensures that you’re showing ads to the right people in the right ad group.

That is, partner ads for people interested in partners and sneaker ads for those interested in sneakers.

Where do you get ideas for negative keywords?

You can easily find negative keyword ideas in the AdWords Search Terms Report. These are all the search terms that triggered your ad during a given period of time.

You can find the search terms report in the Keywords tab of your AdWords account. See the words that triggered your ad and add negative keywords to your list, if necessary.

Where can I add negative keywords?

You can add negative keywords at the campaign and ad group level in AdWords.

Negative keywords you add at the campaign level will affect all ad groups in the campaign you select, but not other campaigns in your account. Some words may well apply to the entire campaign. Such as: jobs, internships, free, etc. These, of course, in case you don’t offer free jobs or products.

The words you add at the ad group level only affect the viewability of ads in that ad group. Not anywhere else in your account.

How do I add negative keywords?

Select the campaign or ad group where you want to add negative keywords. Open the Keywords tab and scroll down to negative keywords at the bottom of the page. Click on the negative keywords section to open and add keywords. Enter the keywords you want and save.


Negative keywords are an important factor in a successful AdWords account. The time it takes to find them is paid for only by better ad targeting, and ultimately, this translates into cheaper clicks.

If you don’t have negative keywords in your campaign, I recommend running a search term report right away to see if your ads are showing for the words you don’t want to show.