In difficult times, marketing seems to be the first savings target for companies. At the same time, consideration is also being given to how to get the best possible return from trading the euro.

At this point, digital marketing and visibility on Google often come to the fore. Let’s go over the reasons why visibility on Google is so valuable and I argue that it’s the last area of ​​marketing to cut out.

1. Accessibility

Almost everyone uses search engines. Every day there are 30 million Google searches in Finland, which is 6 searches per inhabitant. With search engines, you can reach almost all Finns.

More than nine out of ten Finns use Google. If your business is not found on Google, you will lose the opportunity to appear on the screen of more than 90% of your potential customers.

2. The position of marketing in the purchase process

Marketing aims to build an image of a company in the mind of a person. The goal is that when a person makes a purchase, they remember the company that made the sale.

Google’s visibility is closer to the purchase decision than many other marketing mediums. When a person searches for information about a product or service, it is relevant to him, he is closer to the moment of purchase. The brand that can be found in search engines will definitely be taken into account when making a purchase decision.

3. Unlimited space

A TV ad runs for a certain amount of time and the magazine may contain a limited ad. When you get a visitor from Google on your website, space is not limited. You can go through all the benefits of your service, display images even on video.

According to research, a person will only buy after all objections have been raised, cancel them on your website after you have received a visitor from Google and the transaction will certainly be more efficient.

Online space is not a limit.

4. Interaction

Visitors who come to the website through search engines can answer queries, comment and contact customer service, for example through Chat. So a visitor coming through Google is active. To take advantage of it, ask your customer things on your website.

5. Measurability

You will see how your marketing works, depending a bit on your website and the web analytics software you use, you will see the following, what keywords will come to your site, what words will be used to contact you, what words will sell the best for a particular product. What type of ad text attracts the most visitors, what type of ad text attracts customers.

What content on your site attracts visitors and what does not. What kind of page people leave. Measurable marketing can be continually developed.

6. Google Visibility Price

Compared to many traditional media, visibility on Google is affordable. A small business can gain targeted visibility directly from their own potential customers’ screens, at a fraction of the price they would pay for large television or newspaper campaigns.

Google can win by making marketing smarter, the winner is not always the one with the deepest pockets. Of course, the resources help, but they are not as crucial as in other mediums.

7. Orientation

Whether your business is small local or large international, reaching the right customer base has never been easier.

The little guy spends his budget wisely in his local area on Google. For larger companies, it provides an unprecedented opportunity to taste the international market.


Marketing on Google is different from many more traditional media. Targeting is more precise, so the applicant is responsible for starting the marketing by typing in a keyword and searching for information. However, online, transparency, good deals, and good products win, as does more traditional marketing.

Google AdWords received 200 updates in 2022, Google search algorithm is updated 5-7 every week. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on Google to take advantage of the latest channel features.

This is a very good way to stay one step ahead of your own competitors.

When others cut their marketing budgets, it means easier visibility for those businesses that don’t cut back. Lighter competition ensures that you get more attention for the same money. That’s our company’s “tight times” marketing strategy.