Shopee affiliate marketing is not a strange job for those who are learning and growing in the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketers play an important and influential role in the online community.

They will participate in advertising projects, evaluation of products and services of brands and suppliers. Shopee affiliate marketing is a pretty good program nowadays and attracts a lot of people to share Shopee products.

So how do you join Shopee affiliate marketing? Let’s see more details with ADPIA right here!

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform for buying and selling business products online with many regular and extremely attractive promotions. The shopping experience at Shopee is always the most optimal and impressive. Whether you need to purchase any item, Shopee will have your back and make sure to provide you with the most satisfying products at the best prices.

The demand for shopping on Shopee is very high, so Shopee not only creates the best conditions to help users have an easy shopping experience at the best price. Shopee affiliate marketing is an attractive program today, which not only attracts many participants, from advertisers to KOL. Provide a genuine and easy shopping experience for users through affiliate sellers. So what exactly is the Shopee affiliate marketing program?

Shopee affiliate marketing is a program implemented jointly by Shopee and affiliate marketing platforms to launch the program. Participants will be merchants who own platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, website, blog… Affiliate merchants will share Shopee product links on their own channels for the consumer to click to place an order. From there they will receive attractive commissions, there will be products twice as much as usual on special Shopee occasions.

Over 10,000 affiliate marketers have participated in presenting and sharing hundreds of Shopee products to users. By joining Shopee affiliate marketing, you will have the freedom to choose and be creative with a variety of products such as:

  • – Electronics and Technology
  • – Health and Beauty
  • – Elegant fashion
  • – Mother and baby
  • – Home life and lifestyle
  • – Book

Plus, by participating in Shoppe’s affiliate marketing program, you’ll enjoy attractive benefits like:

  • Increase unlimited income every month from Shopee promotions and thousands of products with zero upfront cost.
  • Attractive bonus commission level of up to 20%: This is the best valued commission compared to regular commission and the most attractive among affiliate marketing programs today.
  • The system to track and report the details of each order and create links quickly.
  • Get a lot of loyal customers, easily convert to new products.
  • Receive attractive offers from brands and bonus commissions of up to 15%.
  • Get fast and dedicated support directly from the affiliate marketing platform AM team.

If you are a passionate content creator and have around 1000 followers on social media channels, join Shopee affiliate marketing. How to become a Shopee affiliate seller is very simple as follows:

STEP 1 – Sign up for a Shopee affiliate marketing account

You just need to sign up for a Shopee affiliate marketing account on the affiliate marketing platform and link to the Shopee campaign.

STEP 2: Create a tracking link for Shopee affiliate products

After linking the campaign successfully, you just need to proceed to get the tracking link through the affiliate marketing platform system.

STEP 3: Create content to share

Affiliate marketers create content and attach tracking affiliate links to track incoming orders and understand commission status.

Shopee’s affiliate marketing program has become an effective tool to generate an active source of income for sellers through content published online on their social networking sites.

Hopefully, the information shared above will help you better understand Shopee’s affiliate marketing program, as well as write how to become an affiliate marketer. Join Shopee Affiliate Marketing Now!