Businesses have different ways of communicating with people on Facebook, and there is no one right strategy. However, very often, corporate Facebook pages are also too rigid. Businesses that cater to individuals in particular should also dare to make the company’s Facebook page easily accessible and recognizable.

So how do you make a business Facebook page more people-friendly? Let’s go through 6 ways.

1. Humor for Facebook updates

People have come to Facebook to be entertained or spend time comfortably. In any case, Facebook is by no means an official information channel, so a wink is desirable.

In Finland, too, great results have been achieved on humorous Facebook pages. Or who could deny that jouni’s shop It would have achieved great publicity with humor and contests. This is already an extreme phenomenon, of course, but humor helps engage people with posts.

2. Use a casual writing style

If you want a Facebook post to be human, don’t write like a robot. Write as you would on your own wall. Big brands have switched to using slang words on social media. Take a look at Levis Twitter account.

You speak to your audience, so speak like your audience.

3. Participate in post discussion

Each comment is a response to your post. If your post receives a practical comment, it will respond in the same style. It is not deleted yet because it is “that dry voice of the agency” but it is answered as the client had written. Inappropriate posts may go unanswered and of course such posts are removed with the intention of insulting someone personally.

4. Do not be afraid of mistakes

Errors are human and therefore an essential part of human communication. If something comes out a little crooked, don’t be intimidated. Sometimes it seems that companies are too afraid of mistakes and that’s why they don’t do anything. However, we all know that people make such posts and mistakes do happen. Panic-like error correction is also useless. They make communication on your Facebook channel more human.

5. Tell us who posted

Many companies tell you who the author is when they publish. This is profitable when company staff who work with clients also write Facebook updates. This makes the communication much more recognizable and a Facebook page can have several different writing styles. After all, there are multiple authors.

6. Develop your own editorial style

Recognition is always a positive thing in communication and I recommend developing your own style. Building your own distinctive style on social media may just be the deciding factor. What differentiates you from your competitors? Would you recognize the style in each of your releases?


Looking at those small or medium sized businesses that have really been successful on social media, you can see that they have followed these guidelines. So if you don’t have tens of thousands of Facebook marketing budgets, it’s worth changing the angle of your communication. That way you can potentially get good results without paid marketing. If you don’t get it, you can always try other cheats. They are not running out of modern marketing.