Earn money with affiliate marketing, you must have heard a lot. But not everyone knows how to make money with effective affiliate marketing. Currently, there are many ways to do affiliate marketing, but there is one more way apia I would like to introduce you that forum seeding is a useful tool to make money from affiliate marketing. Let’s find out more!!!

– What is forum seeding?

– Why choose to do forum seeding?

– How to seed forums effectively?

Forum seeding is a popular online marketing channel used today to make money from affiliate marketing. What you do is share and promote product and brand information and messages in forums. To help people access the information you bring. This is also a way to help companies launch new products, introduce products to customers.

This also helps collect customer reviews and is also a good place to build backlinks. The use of forum seeding brings many benefits to specific users: create trends, public opinion or attract the attention of customers, thus helping them to access your products.

In addition, it also helps to attract traffic from google through attractive themes and great coverage. Create a good source of backlinks, add value to the SEO of the website. Finally, enhance your brand and develop your product.

1. Choose a quality forum

Currently, there are many forums that you can choose to be an affiliate, but you must choose a forum with a topic that is relevant to the field you are doing. Especially forums with a good amount of interaction should also be prioritized over forums that, despite having a large number of members, have little interaction.

You only need to choose for yourself 2-3 quality forums, suitable for doing, not scattered, each forum a little like that will not be effective.

2. Create a presale account

Like the ways to reach customers on the Facebook platform, you need to create an account for yourself and build credibility for your account. Then, comment on other members’ topics and post to share information and build engagement for your account.

Once you have a reputable account, you can start posting sales so your account will attract a lot of interaction and sales will be easier.

3. Create engaging article content

You will promote your affiliate product. With natural and attractive content to attract more interested customers. Offering promotions, discounts, gifts to reach more customers. In addition, you should also invest in beautiful, eye-catching and attractive images to attract customers. Finally, use the affiliate link of the product to calculate the commission.

Promote the use of planting. You can use virtual accounts to comment on your forum posts to interact, stimulate customer interest, and guide customer reading behavior. This is the benefit that sowing brings you.

4. Manage comments well

When you use the forum channel to make money with affiliate marketing, there will be a lot of people doing the same thing as you, of course there will be competitors. They can make negative comments, tell false facts, discourage you, so you must pay attention and manage your posts well to avoid these problems.

In the comments section of the article, you can add affiliate links, you need to find the insert positions so that it is natural and attracts the readers in the most subtle way. Otherwise, the reader will detect the intention to insert a link to advertise your product.

5. Screw pins

For articles with topics that attract the interest of many people with good interaction, you can pin them to the top to become a featured topic, when customers visit your account, this article will attract attention. They will first entice them to continue browsing your account. You should also consider pinning a post because if the pinning price is higher than the commission you can earn on the post, it should be ignored.

This is an online marketing channel that takes time for customers to find you, not attracting customers right away. So what you need to do is provide useful information over a period of time to help customers gradually understand and approach your item.

Above are some comments on how to seed forums to help you make money with affiliate marketing effectively. Earning money from this platform is also very diverse in ways and forum seeding is a tip for you. With this online marketing channel there will be no immediate results, but you have to take care of it and pay attention to it to get good results. Whatever happens, it takes time to reach your customers. I hope you find effective affiliate ways to earn lots of commissions!