The use of video material in marketing is constantly growing, as new channels are constantly being added for use. Facebook and YouTube are great tools for businesses to get their message across with videos.

Also, Facebook seems to prefer showing videos. There are several indications of this around the world, as well as in our own projects, where videos get more free visibility on Facebook than other types of posts.

What kind of videos should your business make?

A good starting point for producing video material on Facebook and YouTube is teaching. For these channels, you don’t have to factor in the length of the video in the same way as with TV advertising, where you pay for every second shown. You can make videos a bit longer and focus on content that benefits your audience.

There are clear benefits of teaching for business. People will learn to use your products or services better and will be more satisfied with them. At the same time, your business helps people, which builds more confidence in your business. I also recommend making videos where you teach about your industry, but don’t actually talk about your products or services. This will benefit people in your industry and make them follow your content more actively. It is always to a company’s advantage to have people interested in the industry visit its various marketing channels.

However, keep in mind that while the length of the video is not a limitation at this point, it should be concise and keep moving at a fast pace. Many companies fall for videos that are too long for people to finish. The slim fit and entertainment make people fully watch the video.

Pin your video to the top of your Facebook page.

A good way to get more visibility for your video on Facebook is to place it at the top of your page. This makes it easier for people who visit your Facebook page to find your video.

To pin a video to the top of a Facebook page, click the arrow in the top right corner of the post and select “pin to top.”

Market your videos to the right audience

Paid video advertising is a very effective way to gain visibility for your business. In that case, your video will also be shown to people who don’t like your Facebook page. Facebook marketing also allows you to choose exactly who you want your video to appear to.

When you carefully choose your target audience, Facebook gets very low-cost engagements through Facebook marketing: At its cheapest, it costs the company a few cents. Therefore, it is definitely worth taking advantage of the low visibility of the company.

Add a link to the company website in the video.

To get the most out of your video, it’s a good idea to direct people who watch your video to your business website. The link can be easily added at the end of the video.

You can also put two links in the same video. You put a link in the comment field above the video and in the menu at the end of the other video. If you link to different subpages on your business website, Google Analytics will also allow you to track which ones get the most clicks and how different landing pages affect the movement of people on your website.

Also add your Facebook video to the company homepage

The video added to the Facebook page can also be easily installed on the company home page. You can get the embed code at the top right of the post by clicking and selecting “embed video”. For example, you can add a video posted on Facebook to your blog post and make comments and likes on the video available to your blog readers. This will increase interaction on your business website. More detailed instructions on Facebook video embedding in a web page (video).

The number of videos is constantly growing.

Video posting volumes are constantly growing. Over the past year, the number of videos posted on Facebook has increased by 75% and businesses are already posting more videos on Facebook than on YouTube. This is due to the free visibility videos get on Facebook and the easier implementation of paid marketing. People are also consuming more videos all the time, so the importance of good quality videos as a marketing tool for a business is constantly growing.

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