Facebook has noted how users first switched to using Facebook on their phone and then advertisers followed suit. For this reason, Facebook first released an app for managing Facebook Pages and now an app designed to make it easy to track and edit Facebook campaigns on your phone. what everyone facebook ad manager application can do and why should it be implemented?

Manage your Facebook campaigns everywhere.

Social media marketing is a busy endeavor at times. Campaigns vary in effectiveness, and sometimes a campaign needs to gain more power quickly. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to make basic adjustments to Facebook ads on your phone without having to go to your computer to manage your ads. The app has received good feedback from users since its launch last month.

What does the Facebook Ads Manager app do?

Facebook introduced a surprisingly clever ad management app. Already in relation to the publication, the application can do the following:

  • Track the performance of your Facebook ads.
  • Edit your active Facebook ads.
  • Manage your campaign budgets.
  • Edit ad schedule.
  • Receive notifications about advertising events directly on your phone.
  • Create Facebook ads directly from your phone.

The fact that such functions are possible directly on the phone makes it easy to track campaigns. However, proper campaign planning and A/B testing are much easier to implement in the browser version of Facebook.

Suitable for simple campaign management

While Facebook ads can be edited more and more simply, you need to be on the lookout for edits that contribute to effective marketing. I find the biggest benefit of the app to be the ability to track ad performance and manage my budget. It’s important for an advertiser to see how their campaigns are performing and, if necessary, make quick changes to the budget they use to ensure performance.

The app is part of a big shift in Facebook marketing. This year new features have been introduced at such a speed that new updates have arrived almost weekly. This has also caused problems for advertisers. Learning new features has tied more business resources to Facebook ad design. Therefore, it is good that new ways to monitor the performance of your campaigns have been introduced, which will make them more efficient.

Until now, the app is only for Apple products. The Android version will be released later this year. You can download Facebook Ads Manager from here.