Finland is a country of thousands of events, especially in summer. There are various concerts, shows and performances in every town and city and although there are plenty of events, there will be enough visitors for them, as long as the marketing is in order. On the other hand, no good event will happen if people don’t spread the word about it.

Facebook is a very effective way to market events. It reaches both users visiting the event site and permanent residents.

So let’s take a look at how Event marketing can be done using Facebook..

1. Create your own Facebook page for the event

This is usually done first. If you already have a business page on Facebook, you can use it to create an event and market it to fans of your company/association. This is usually the group you originally planned the event for.

Marketing your event to this group is most effective with your Facebook page. However, keep in mind that almost everyone who loves your Facebook page will not see your post unless you pay advertising for it. It’s worth paying a little for this to make sure that the majority of potential customers are aware of the event’s existence.

2. Promote your event to potential people

Target paid Facebook marketing of your event to potential audiences. If a well-known artist will be attending your event, you can target your marketing to people who like them. If the event is of interest to certain types of people, you can market to them. With paid Facebook marketing, you can quickly reach thousands or even tens of thousands of potential visitors.

The most important thing is that at this point, you think about your target audience to be wide enough and make your event known among people. The right mediums for this are image or video advertising: it is important that information is communicated quickly and clearly to people in the Facebook news feed.

3. Drive people to your website and gather them from your target audience

In the third step, you will post more information about your event on the event website. Link your website to the event wall or your company’s Facebook page and market it. By clicking the link, users will be able to read a full description of your event.

Install the Facebook remarketing tracking code on your website so you can accurately market to people who have already visited your event on Facebook. They have shown interest and know more about your event.

You can also build your website from visitors for Facebook marketing to a dual-target audience and reach more potential customers.

4. Last minute marketing

Attendance at some events will be decided at the last minute. In these cases, you should spend more on marketing in the two weeks leading up to the event. At this point, I recommend investing especially in people who are close, have shown interest in your event or are in your double target group.

Last minute marketing can really increase the number of visitors to your event a lot.

Remember the continuum

Very often, a problem is found in event marketing: the lack of marketing material. So when you host an event, be sure to take photos and videos during the event. This avoids the problem of one-sided marketing material: the same promotional images of the artists revolve around the marketing of many other events. So, to convey the mood of your event to people in next year’s marketing, it’s worth thinking about hiring a photographer. This will make future marketing efforts much easier.

If you need help marketing your event, get in touch.