In February, Facebook re-launched an interesting novelty called “multi-product ads”. This means that a single ad can show many different products that people can access.

Multi-product ads are a very exciting new development for advertisers. For example, an online store may have several similar products that are suitable for the same target group. In this case, it is beneficial for the online store to market them all at the same time and give people the freedom to choose what they like.

How do multi-product ads work?

Ads for various products will appear slightly different depending on whether Facebook is used on a computer or mobile device.

On a computer, an ad shows more than one product directly, and people can still browse for more products by clicking on the menu.

People browsing Facebook on their phone only see one product at a time and can scroll through new products with a swipe of their finger. This makes getting to know the products quick and easy.

Marketing of various products on Facebook

Example: how multiple products appear on a desktop computer. facebook developers

The last image is the Facebook eCommerce page profile image, which when clicked takes people to the eCommerce. Of course, clicking on each product will also take you to the online store, so the last image is to show the end of the products that will be displayed in the Facebook ad.

Please note in advertisements for various products.

When promoting multiple products, keep the following in mind:

  1. The description text can be up to 120 characters long and must be suitable for all products.
  2. The image must have a resolution of at least 548 × 548 and a good resolution where the product is clearly described.
  3. The product name can be up to 35 characters long.
  4. The product description can be up to 30 characters long.

These factors help a multi-product ad to be properly structured and provide enough information for people to make browsing the products meaningful.

Who is the ad for?

Facebook tested advertising with its partners and found that multi-product ads need to be targeted to people who have already visited the online store. In this case, people have become more interested in the products and have become more familiar with them.

There have been many positive comments about the products on the Facebook page and the list of references they use is convincing. Clearly, it has been a problem for online retailers to quickly and efficiently market large numbers of products to people and thus gain enough visibility for their products.

Multiple product ads solve a lot of problems with Facebook marketing. Facebook has developed a product that is sure to interest online store owners.

As soon as we can make these ads for our clients, we’ll give you more information about ad creation and marketing success.