Last week, we introduced the basic idea and setup of the Adwords Remarketing campaign blog. As with all AdWords campaigns, the job is not complete once the campaign is created and the ads are published online. Good results can only be achieved by constantly optimizing your campaign.

Most of our clients who have found that AdWords advertising is not working for their business have been surprised at the huge difference in campaign performance they make when adjusted evenly from month to month based on aggregated data. Even if your campaign already generates a positive ROI, in the end it is hardly optimized.

So let’s look at how to optimize your remarketing campaign so you don’t waste precious advertising budgets on this part of your AdWords account.

Segmentation Refinement

If your advertising budget is tight and you want to ensure that your ads appear only to your best target audience, you can add additional requirements to your remarketing campaigns. When you know the gender or age structure of your target audience, you can show your remarketing ads only to visitors who meet certain criteria, such as men in their 30s and 40s. Google isn’t as accurate with demographics as Facebook, so it’s a good idea to choose to always show your ads, even when Google isn’t sure of a visitor’s gender or age.

Therefore, targeting is successful for the visitor. sex Y years by.

Prevent your ads from showing on “bad” websites

The internet is full of some sort of sites, certainly some that you don’t want your brand to appear on. However, you can exclude the types of sites you want from your campaign, which are sites you don’t want your brand confused with.

Below the Display Network button at the bottom of the page, you’ll find “Site Category Options.” Behind this button you will find the following view, exclude the desired site types.

In the image, betting sites are excluded. If you want to make sure your users see your ad, you can also exclude the bottom of the page as a placement. However, keep in mind that prices for clicks to the top of the page are usually higher.

However, once you’ve excluded inappropriate sites, check the Placements tab to remove any pages you don’t think are appropriate.

Try different remarketing lists and their combinations

Once you’ve run your campaign, start testing different variations of your remarketing lists.

  • Lists of different lengths: What is the optimal list age for your product/service.
  • What kind of message works in an ad when a visitor visits your site a week or three months after their visit?
  • Create new combinations from your lists to further refine the message of your ads.

Overall campaign optimization

lost impressions

Track how many impressions you lose due to the size of your bid. Add a ‘Search lost impression share (rank)’ button column to see how often your ad would have been eligible to show, but your bid was so low that your ad didn’t show. If you have a lot of impressions to lose, you may want to increase your bids.

Test landing pages

Try to drive traffic to different pages on your site. Think about how your remarketing list is built and test it to send a visitor to a superior product group, a cheaper version of the same product. The possibilities are practically unlimited and by trying you will find the most effective solution.

test your ads

Change the color of your ads, try different benefits, different titles and calls to action. Be sure to make only small changes so you know what caused the difference in ad performance.

See the differences between different devices

With mobile advertising, you often get a lot of impressions and clicks, but a lower conversion rate. Be sure to check how it is in your business.

ad scheduling

See when your ads are clicked the most, shown the most, and when your business generates the most. If necessary, you can prevent your ads from showing at certain times or increase your bids at other times.


When your ads perform better geographically, consider the same things as in the display schedule. Exclude the bad ones and increase the offers of others if necessary.


AdWords remarketing is also very effective, well done.

Doing so will quickly suck your promotional money out of your account, giving little or nothing in return.

So be sure to start with moderation and the money you “waste” in the beginning can count as grants to buy data from your own market. Based on that data, you will be able to edit all of your other advertising. Advertising no longer has to be a guess, but through constant testing you really know what makes your customers buy.

What kind of information would you need to know which words, benefits and colors make your customers react to your advertising?

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