Facebook allows you to create custom audiences for marketing. These target groups make it possible to implement precise marketing measures for selected people. So what are they? personalized target groups and how they work. Let’s take a look at the topic.

Creation of a personalized target group

The target group is therefore the target group. A custom audience is a group of people who can be identified with certain information. In general, companies have some information about their customers and this information allows us to identify people on Facebook.

A custom audience can be created from a variety of sources, such as customer lists, people who visit your business website, or people who use your app.

  1. customer lists they are most commonly phone numbers or email addresses that a customer has given to a business. Alternatively, they can be Facebook usernames or mobile advertiser IDs. These are also downloaded to Facebook as a file or from an email service like Mailchimp.
  2. on your website visitors can be easily identified by installing a tracking code on the site. This allows you to create a target audience of people who have visited your site. You can download cookies for your entire site or just for people who visit a specific page.
  3. for applications a tracking code can also be installed to target marketing. This identifies people who have performed certain actions in the app and is the target of marketing. An example of this is adding a product to the cart but not purchasing it. These people should be encouraged to buy through marketing.

The most popular and easiest way to build a custom audience is from people who have visited the company’s website. It is simple to implement and people who visit the site can be contacted multiple times. For example, if you’re driving traffic from Google through AdWords, it’s a good idea to set a cookie on your page. In this way, customers who are interested in your products can also be easily contacted again on Facebook.

custom audience size

How big should the target audience be? Facebook recommends a minimum size of one hundred people, but in practice I recommend aiming for larger custom audience sizes.

If there are no more people on your email list or no customer data has been collected, marketing can be done to multiple custom audiences at the same time. This, for example, will connect people who have visited the website with the crowd gathered from the company’s listings and gain a larger audience for Facebook marketing.

What do I use Custom Audiences for?

This is very industry specific and depends on the marketing communications you want to achieve with Facebook. There are many options, but the list below can be used as a guide.

  • Marketing aimed at those who are familiar with the products.
  • Marketing another product to those who already bought a product
  • Product Marketing for Brochure Downloaders
  • Share company information with site visitors.
  • Launch of new products for buyer customers.
  • Marketing of products for people who have postponed their purchase emissions (for those who have stopped buying)

There are dozens of options and they can use different techniques to build a target group. It’s a good idea to start with the message and who you want to target, and check what kind of information the business already has about its customers.

Custom audiences are the most effective Facebook marketing.

With personalized target groups, there is the absolute advantage that the marketing message can be targeted by group. For example, if you know that people are familiar with a particular product or service on your company website or have downloaded a particular brochure, you need to be as specific as possible in your marketing message. People in the target group have already shown interest in the product or service.

When a business has a Facebook target audience, another great feature can be introduced: double target group. In this case, Facebook will search for people who are very similar to people who have shown interest in your products or services. This has brought very good results in Facebook marketing.