Social Selling is a way of broadcasting content to promote advertising, affiliate marketing on social networks and effective sales. In this article, you will have a better insight into the process of affiliate marketing advertising on social media.

First, let’s take a relatively specific example so you can more easily visualize it as follows:

Sam is a person who wants to sell cosmetics, lipsticks, and skin care products to women. Normally, Sam will open a store in the city, set up a fan page, set up a website, sell products on the website, and post ads every month in the tens of millions to attract buyers and customers to the store.

Although it is correct to do so, business carries the risk of profit and loss and is subject to risky investments. However, that’s not the smartest way to do it. Sam had to sit down and re-evaluate two factors as follows:

1. The target group of customers that Sam addresses is office ladies and students who are interested in their own appearance and appearance. This audience group is quite large and the cost of running ads is high and highly competitive.

2. The cosmetics industry has quite a few competitors and sells online, so if you compete by burning money on advertising and increasing promotions, in the long run, Sam will not be profitable or even suffer losses in a long time.

So, Sam came up with an idea, another way to make money online. It’s about becoming an expert in the field and in social media affiliate marketing.

Sam uses his personal profile page on Facebook, posts photos of himself, shares his daily makeup, color schemes… To show his friends that: Sam is an experienced and knowledgeable person about beauty, makeup, fur…

Sam went through his file of potential clients, who are office sisters, interested in appearance, beauty, as well as students, models… Sam did some research on these objects and discovered that one thing these objects have in common is the Facebook group.

Facebook group is a community where women often trust and share beauty tips, makeup, skin care or daily makeup. Sam decided to join and become a “vibrant contributor” to this group!

Having many friends, having many followers is not enough, Sam also has to build relationships with team members. Sam doesn’t hesitate to communicate and share with all team members to build trust.

After participating in such close groups, what to do next? Should you seed your affiliate marketing products? This is not a smart approach and even if you seed too much, your personal brand image will be greatly diminished. The way Sam chose it was to “Create value for other members” for the sole purpose of building a brand for himself.

Sam began sharing knowledge such as skin care, makeup for beginners, useful product experiences, professionally filmed and edited product test clips…

After unremitting efforts, the followers, thanking Sam for the things he shares are really useful and usable in practice, all members of the group believe that Sam is an expert with a lot of experience and reputation in presenting a certain item. At that time, no matter what product affiliate marketing does, Sam can do it and many people trust him.

In the topics that Sam shared, he enthusiastically responded to all the other members’ comments about the product. When members have the need to send private messages, Sam will not forget to give enthusiastic advice and send product links to those people for their referral, these people’s affiliate marketing success rate will be very high.

As you can see, the most important part of affiliate marketing on social media is building a personal brand and building trust with potential customers. When the trust of potential customers is great enough, it will be easier for them to buy from you and introduce you to friends and family, right?

Above is what ADPIA wants to share with you. As you can see, burning money to post ads, although it requires little effort, is not always effective and runs out. Especially in the cosmetic and beauty care industries, competition is extremely high. Therefore, before you start doing something, think about it before making a decision.