The explosion of e-commerce platforms is opening up many opportunities to work, do business online, or earn money online. Shopee is known to be one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the Vietnam market. Leading both in the number of people who participate in the purchases, sales and affiliate marketing of Shopee.

There are many people who choose to do Shopee affiliate marketing, but not all of them have positive results and high commission income. So what is the solution to increase orders, increase sales and earn lots of commissions? Let’s explore some tips for successful Shopee affiliate marketing here.

It can be seen that the business of selling online on e-commerce sites is becoming more and more difficult, due to the highly competitive and ever-changing environment every day. Therefore, the form of affiliate marketing has grown more and more, not only helping sellers to increase sales and reach many people. And Shopee affiliate sellers also have attractive commissions.

For affiliate marketers, you need to constantly update and share the latest information to reach many customers. In addition to promotions, you can fully increase your commission by participating in Shopee’s branded bonus programs.

Depending on the product on the e-commerce platform, you can apply different sharing methods, such as sharing on social networking sites, using Facebook or Google paid tools…

Most importantly though, you need to have a clear affiliate marketing strategy for each specific customer to optimize effectiveness.

Also, here are some tips on how to do Shopee affiliate marketing to get more orders that you should check out and apply.

– Free shipping policy

If you look at a shopper’s perspective, you can easily see that most customers will be motivated to buy when they have a free shipping code or a low shipping cost.

The free shipping policy is one of the most popular forms of promotion on e-commerce platforms and is widely applied. You may have heard about this issue somewhere in Shopee stock sales, but do you know how to increase revenue by sharing free shipping codes?

By sharing your free shipping code with your customers, you can increase your conversion rates and attract more customers. This will directly affect the growth of your affiliate marketing sales on Shopee.

– Advice to customers to buy

This is an extremely important step, which plays a decisive role in the closing of your order. You must have professional client consulting skills to be effective and help close orders quickly.

Some criteria for evaluating client consulting skills you need to know:

  • + Respond to customers quickly, preventing customers from having to wait a long time for a response.
  • + You must understand the details of the product, including basic information, features, usage, warranty…

If you don’t give good advice from the beginning, you will easily lose leads, you won’t be able to convert them into orders and you won’t have commissions.

– Increase traffic on Shopee affiliate marketing exchange items

To do Shopee affiliate marketing successfully, you need to have a large number of visitors. How to Increase Traffic on Shopee Affiliate Marketing Exchange Items? There are many ways you can apply to optimize the effectiveness of affiliate marketing, but it is completely free, such as:

  • + Share product information on media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube…
  • + Actively share product information in groups by preparing a variety of content to share posts to attract and attract customers
  • + Ask your friends and family to share (share) on your wall.

Affiliate marketing, also known as affiliate marketing, aims to help sellers increase sales and affiliate sellers receive commissions, earn money without capital.

In other words, affiliate marketers will act as a middleman, referring potential customers to Shopee and receiving handsome commissions right away.

By joining Shopee affiliate marketing, you will have the opportunity to receive attractive commissions of up to 15% and earn more than 20 million VND per month. In addition, the affiliate marketing program will send promotional information and special discount codes to affiliate sellers to help them increase their commission sales.

Hopefully, the information shared on Shopee affiliate marketing tips can help you increase your commissions to further develop in this field.