With just zero capital, you’ll think you can’t do anything. But in fact, there are many ways to make money without starting capital. By explaining this, ADPIA will show you how to start a business with 0 capital from the Shopee eCommerce platform.

The issue of venture capital is an extremely important issue when deciding to start a business. This is also a big barrier that makes many people not want to start a business.So the way to start a business with zero capital that ADPIA wants to present here is as a sales associate, doing affiliate marketing or contacting big factories for dropshipping.

On Shopee e-commerce platform, there are many products for you to choose from, run sales programs to increase sales.

Step 1: Look for products you are interested in, understand a lot about it, products you love, intend to do business, have a high demand in the market.

Step 2: Filter by the most convenient area for you to facilitate collection. For example, if you live in Hanoi, you should choose the place of sale to be Hanoi to filter.

Select the shipping unit as grabexpress or nowship, because when a customer places an order, they can order it to their home via nowship or grab within the same day.

Step 3: Select the products in the best sellers category. New, popular, and high-demand products deliver results faster.

Step 4: You can go to each store, find a contact phone number or chat directly with the store to ask for the address, apply to be a collaborator.

You can try to order some product samples to check the material, design, and there will be the store owner’s phone number in the order.

step 5: Once you’ve listed products as a contributor, set up a store on Shopee and optimize for SEO standards.

The initial goal was just to place an order and interact with the store. Then, if you want to sell at a profit, you need to remake beautiful images and videos, increase the price of that product. Or create combos with products and then raise the price.

Step 6– When a customer places an order, they can shop directly from stores on Shopee to pay customers. As for the provincial friends, they can go through the above ways to go directly to the supplier to negotiate and ask for the price of the collaborator, when there is an order, I will come here to collect the merchandise and deliver the package to the client.

Doing affiliate marketing is almost the same as being an affiliate. However, the only difference is that you won’t have to worry about shipping issues, after-purchase customer service, picking up goods, bringing goods… The supplier will take care of those jobs, and their job is to get as many of customers buy by clicking on your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising in which advertisers (Publisher / Contributors) will advertise the products of the provider (Merchant) to the end consumer. Advertisers will receive a commission for each successful order.

Through an affiliate marketing platform, advertisers only need to visit the provider’s website and select products for affiliate marketing. Then copy the sale link, attach your affiliate code with the tool on the affiliate marketing platform. Use this link to lead customers to purchase successfully or fill in the inquiry information…then you will receive a commission.

Doing affiliate marketing gives you a lot of commissions without spending a dime. As long as you understand customer buying trends and have a background in digital marketing, making money with affiliate marketing won’t be too difficult.

Dropshipping is a way where many partners sell an item but the warehouse address will go to the same supplier address.

Step 1: Join dropshipping groups to get in touch with dropshipping stores.

Step 2: Please refer to the wholesale quotations of the items from the dropship stores as a basis to build a reasonable selling price, after deducting the packaging fee, the product fee…

Step 3: Set up warehouse addresses at vendors and Shopee wallet accounts will come out of your bank account.

Step 4– Post products on the Shopee booth, post ads and meet SEO standards for ordering.

step 5: When a customer places an order, you will give the drop shipping provider a discount at a wholesale price. The store owner will pack the product for you, you will receive the difference in your wallet.

No need to invest capital but you can still earn money online but you need to work hard and learn from the experience of veterans in the profession. Working for a few months, you will understand the operating process and earn a lot of commissions by earning money online.

You can choose from the above 3 starter forms to apply to earn money on the Shopee eCommerce platform. Good luck with your online earnings.