Facebook ads have always been able to be targeted by location. This means that Facebook ads are only shown to people in a certain area. Location-based targeting is especially effective for local businesses as well as event marketing.

Facebook found that businesses increasingly need accurate location-based marketing practices. New enhancements to geo-targeting are constantly coming.

This article looks at how to target and exclude Facebook ads.

Geo-Targeting for Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing can be targeted to the following placement options:

  • Country Ranking (Ex: Finland, Sweden, United States)
  • Specific city location. (Ex: Helsinki, Turku, Oulu)
  • Based on zip code within the city (Ex. Helsinki: 00100, 00400, 00500)

So location-based marketing chooses the area where your ads will appear. If you don’t select any of the additional options from the menus, Facebook will include in the marketing target group everyone who lives, has recently worked in the area, or whose location was last defined by that area.

Facebook determines the locations of its users based on information left in the users’ profile, using GPS location and updates made by users that include location information.

Further refine your Facebook marketing to location.

As you just noticed, just putting a location or zip code in your marketing will engage more people than you first think. As a result, advertising can be restricted even more precisely by limiting the types of users that are searched for in a particular area.

There are three different options for trimming:

  1. People live in this place. A: In this case, Facebook has determined that people reside in the area based on their profile information or IP address.
  2. People who have been to this place recently : Facebook determined that there were people in that area based on placemarks or GPS data.
  3. People are traveling to this place. : People have been defined by Facebook to be in this area, but their home is more than 100 miles from that location.

Each target group can be used in Facebook marketing in a slightly different way. The convenience store must be advertised to people who live nearby. A clothing store in the center for those who have recently visited your area, while accommodation and events marketing is worthwhile for those who have just traveled near your services.

These are, of course, only rough examples of the hundreds of different possibilities.

Facebook ads outside a certain area

Individual sites may also opt out of Facebook marketing. In that case, your ads will not show in that area.

For example, you can exclude cities or cities within the country certain zip codes. However, zip blocking isn’t absolutely accurate, so when targeting, keep an eye on how restrictions affect estimated audience size. Facebook constantly displays your target audience size on the right side of the Ads Manager tool as you make targeting edits.

Live beyond your marketing on Facebook

With geographic orientation, time passes and the variety of variations is infinite. The target audience is also easily undersized, increasing the cost of impressions. however, location targeting is only one part, albeit an important part, of Facebook marketing.

The effectiveness of Facebook marketing is also greatly affected by making an effective Facebook ad through a/b testing as well as making the right offers for the customer. Not forgetting, of course, the importance of targeting.

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