When an inexperienced person asks for a quote on Facebook marketing, it can be difficult to get an idea of ​​what the Facebook marketing price consists of. Operating methods differ greatly between companies and this makes it difficult to compare prices.

So let’s quickly open up what the response to your request for quote consists of.

Media budget

media budget is the amount that is placed on the visibility of Facebook ads. The higher your media budget, the more people will see your ads on Facebook. Your media budget should be proportional to the size of your target audience and the length of your Facebook campaign. In this case, your ads will appear to exactly the audience you want to reach, and you’ll get good coverage for your campaign.

Part of the job

This is the often obscure aspect of Facebook marketing for shoppers. What’s in the work of a Facebook campaign? Not all companies do a Facebook marketing campaign in the same way, but now I will give an example of what the campaign work consists of.

1. Design a Facebook campaign

Campaign planning means thinking about the benefit of a company’s product or service, which it seeks to convey to the customer, and how engaged it is in getting customers to respond to the marketing message. We analyze with the client what are the benefits of their product or service in the market and we think about how they can be better written in ads within the Facebook rules.

2. Facebook marketing images

An important part of Facebook marketing is taking photos. Facebook marketing uses slightly different models of marketing images, so it is necessary to create images for the campaign.

The client usually has images of their products or services, but they are not directly suitable for Facebook marketing. Editing these images takes time, but they’re worth using because images are such an important part of a Facebook ad. According to tests, the effect of the image on the effectiveness of Facebook marketing is 70%.

3. Target your advertising

Facebook marketing is aimed at people that the company perceives as its potential customers. Doing this targeting is an integral part of Facebook marketing and ensures that your ads are only seen by people who might be interested in your products or services.

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4. A/B test ads

We always create at least two ads for your Facebook marketing. This is because we can test what type of ad works best for your audience. The more often you market on Facebook, the more profitable it is to try. Even small differences between ads often greatly affect how people respond to a Facebook ad.

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5. Reports

An important part of Facebook’s marketing job is clearly reporting results to the customer. It’s also a good idea to review the report over the phone the first time, so the client gets a full picture of what information can be found in the report and how that information can be used when planning new Facebook marketing campaigns.

The sum of the sums

The purpose of my text was to open up to you what the price of Facebook marketing consists of.

It’s good to distinguish between the media budget and the labor part early on, so you can form a picture of what you’re buying. It is also good to be aware of what is being done with the work section.

The proportion of the cost of the work may vary from company to company, and not all steps of the work may be involved in launching Facebook marketing for each company. As a result, price fluctuations are large.

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