Affiliate Marketing Instagram Have you heard of this way to earn money before? The Instagram social network is no longer foreign to us, but not everyone knows how to make money online here. So how to set up affiliate marketing links, let’s find out more in the article below!

Instagram is not only popular in Vietnam, but foreigners also use it a lot, so this will be a good environment for you to do affiliate marketing and earn money from it. As an affiliate marketer, you need to know the correct ways to place links to attract clicks to buy links. First we have to learn how to do affiliate marketing on instagram.

There are many social platforms that you can do affiliate marketing with that you may be familiar with, but each platform will have a different way of doing it, especially a specific platform like Instagram.

A beautiful Instagram page, sharing attractive image content will attract many followers.

+ Naming: The naming of the keyword is very important and should be in bold. You will have to give a name that contains keywords related to the product. This will show people what products your site sells so that customers can easily choose them.

+ Update profile photo: You must choose attractive and quality photos. Using an image as your store or product name will make it easier for people to recognize your page.

+ Username: You should keep the name as short and easy to understand as possible. A name that can be generic and let people know what product you are working on.

+ Remember to add contact information to help customers easily reach you when needed.

And finally, how to put affiliate marketing links on your page for the greatest effect, let’s find out more!

Each affiliate platform will have a variety of campaigns that you can choose to promote. You must either learn about the product’s ability to succeed or rely on your own strengths to choose the most appropriate and highly effective campaign.

In addition to allowing you to post images, Instagram will of course be attached to the link below each post. So the question that interests us is how to place an affiliate link will be answered immediately.

Put the link in the article that describes the image.

This is the first simple way anyone can think of. You just need to shorten the link, then create content for the post and insert the affiliate link. Then simply go seed or post ads to entice people to learn about the product you are selling and call to click your affiliate link to purchase.

Put the affiliate link in the first position of the bio

If you receive promotions for the same brand or product at the same time, you can put a link directly in the bio. This location will be easier for everyone to see. Then direct people to click this link to go to the vendor’s sales website. With each successful order, you will receive a commission.

Link to instagram stories

This way will be for instagram nicks with many followers. When posting product content on the story, insert an affiliate link so that interested customers can access the link to purchase. Along with that, you need to have action-calling content like: click here to buy, for example, or see more products…

Attach affiliate link to image

You can shorten the marketing link and put a short and easy to remember name and insert an image to attract customers to your product link. In addition, you can also run Instagram ads to drive traffic, just like running Facebook ads.