Affiliate marketing is a trend of making money online that interests many people, this is a passive way to make money online, suitable for many people.

Check out the list of the most reputable affiliate marketing companies in the current Vietnamese market. These are the top 5 affiliate marketing websites that offer an affiliate marketing platform with thousands of different products/services such as e-commerce, finance, shopping, travel, online services…

ADPIA was established and developed in 2000 by the Korean company Link Price. Since 2004, Link Price Company began to enter the Chinese market under the name of Link Tech and has grown to become the second largest affiliate company in the country’s affiliate marketing market. Following that success, in 2013, Link Price’s affiliate marketing model was officially developed in Vietnam and established ADPIA.

In 2014, ADPIA officially went into operation in all areas of affiliate marketing, including: e-commerce, tourism, human resources, education, banking, gaming… By providing related marketing services Connecting businesses in Vietnam, ADPIA is currently the most effective marketing communication solution in Vietnam today.

The strength of ADPIA is that it is an advanced, flexible, precise and completely based on the needs of the collaborators/advertisers. Detailed reporting system for each click, users can easily track and capture the latest promotional information to drive numbers.

For example: If you want to earn money online doing affiliate marketing on Shopee, you must immediately register an affiliate marketing account, linked to the Shopee campaign. Then get the marketing link of the product, whoever buys the product on Shopee through your marketing link, will receive the corresponding commission. Of course, the most important step is that you need to promote more people to click on your link to buy.

In addition, the ADPIA support team is always on call 24/7 and answers all questions from users, helping you to issue numbers in the fastest way.

Developed a long time ago in Japan, based on the CPA – Cost Per Action model. This is a form of affiliate marketing, which means that when someone takes an action like buying a product, signing up for a consultation, filling out an information form, etc. through the affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

With an activity, tracking and purchase tracking system, affiliate marketers can keep track open and transparent. Transactions will be strictly managed and have a clear reporting interface to ensure the interests of advertisers. Access trade is an affiliate marketing platform that will act as an intermediary between the provider (Merchant), the affiliate marketer and the end consumer.

This is one of the affiliate marketing platform created and developed by Eway JSC. This one also owns ePlay, Adflex, Game Floor… So Mas Offer has great advantages in working with big supplier partners like Adayroi, Nguyen Kim, Tiki, Lazada, Mytour… With a wide variety of products, rich in many fields such as electronics, fashion electronics, education, tourism…

In addition, MasOffer affiliate programs are very high, especially they can reach up to 20% and the commission payment period is around the 20th of each month. MasOffer is likely to continue on its way to improve the quality of service. Registering an account on MasOffer is also very simple and fast, as soon as you activate the email confirmation, you can earn money online on this platform.

Just like its half-brother MasOffer, Adflex is one of the leading professional affiliate marketing platforms in Vietnam, developed based on CPI – Cost Per Install and CPA – Cost Per Action models and making money online.

Furthermore, Ad flex is also a popular platform for making mobile money in Vietnam. With the advantage in gaming segment, Ad flex is mainly launching 2 ways of CPI: pay per download and CPO: pay per purchase quality leads.

Operated and developed since 2015 by VTM Group. Until now, Civi System has also had a large number of customers. With the reputation of quality, Civi System has provided partners with good supply capabilities in all industries.

Above are the top 5 most prestigious affiliate marketing today in the Vietnam market. If you want to start making money online with affiliate marketing programs, choose one of the affiliate marketing companies on this list to get started.