Affiliate marketing is a very popular form of advertising nowadays, if you are an affiliate marketer, surely you will not be able to ignore this article.

If you own a website, affiliate marketing work will be much more convenient. However, if you don’t have a website or blog, you can still use other ways to advertise affiliate marketing. What are the forms? ADPIA will reveal it to you just below.

When it comes to Facebook, everyone should have a personal account. Using a personal Facebook account to sell and earn money online is also very popular. Alternatively, you can create a fan page and start sharing your affiliate links on your posts.

You can post articles about the product you are marketing, product description, comments, reviews about that product… Not only do you share every affiliate link, but you must also provide value in your post.

So you can write a short post about the product, for example: instructions on how to use powder makeup correctly to go out on New Year’s Eve… You can also add some bullet points with some tips and then at the end of each post. You can add affiliate marketing for recommended products that you want users to try.

When posting a direct link on Facebook, you should also be aware that there is a possibility that Facebook will block your link. Instead, it is recommended that you use a link shortener when sharing affiliate links, and when you post, you should write more content for that post.

If writing articles, creating written content isn’t your forte, what about video content? Creating your own Youtube channel and making videos on topics of interest will be one of the hottest trends to make money online today.

Just like Google, YouTube is also a search channel in the form of videos, which will tell you what people are looking for. One piece of advice for you is to focus on what people want. Because not everyone likes the same things as you.

In addition, you can follow the trends and the most popular products on youtube. For example, if you have a product that is in the customer relationship segment, go to YouTube and search for topics related to that product.

However, when using Youtube, you must also adhere to some rules:

– First the value, then the financial. Always make sure that the content you provide, make videos about it, is useful and has a lot of reference value. If you set up a YouTube channel just to promote products, people will see it right away and ignore your channel content. Simply because they find it boring.

– Give honest advice, do not give misleading content. Therefore, you must not give misleading and unfounded information.

– Another way to make money online with affiliate marketing programs using Youtube naturally is to provide product review videos. People who buy a product will research very carefully, they will see the opinions of others so that they can make decisions faster.

Examples of this are beauty care products. If you have used makeup products and now you want to promote it… The easiest thing is to talk about your experience using the product, along with a suggested link to buy the affiliate product in the description of the video.

Currently, link spamming on blogs or forums is restricted, prohibited from posting, because many people use this way to do bad things.

So some ways you can apply, like providing affiliate links in your signature or profile. This will help you drive traffic to your affiliate products.

Building a trustworthy profile, providing lots of information to help people on the forum, answering people’s questions… From there, it will be much easier for you to link to the article.

When the forum evaluates you as a contributor to many articles, you have many followers, you receive respect from other users, surely you will have the opportunity to attract customers to visit your profile. .

Always make sure your posts and comments provide the right value for your readers, useful and interesting. Please do not spam because you will risk having your account banned and banned from the forum.

Above are ways to advertise affiliate marketing without a website. Keep in mind the information in this article and don’t forget to visit the website for the latest articles on affiliate marketing, making money online.