Quality Score is one of the most important things in successful AdWords advertising. Achieving high quality scores saves you a lot of money on your clicks. The higher your keywords’ Quality Score, the less you’ll pay for clicks on your ads. Here are some things you can do to help improve your keywords’ Quality Scores.

test your ads

Your Click Through Rate (CTR) plays a huge role in improving your Quality Score. The best way to improve your ad click-through rate is to test your ads. Write at least two ads in each ad group to see which one performs best over time. Write a new ad to replace the one with the lowest CTR. The goal is to try to get a better CTR for the new ad than the old one. This way you can continually improve your ads and see what works and what doesn’t in your ads.

To get a good click-through rate for your ads, it’s important to use the keywords from your ad group in your ad headline and in the ad itself. This way, you can match your ad to a human search, and the person is more likely to be interested in seeing the search term they’re looking for in your ad. This will improve your ad’s click-through rate.

Break your keywords into smaller ad groups

Make sure you don’t always have too many keywords per ad group. The fewer keywords you have in an ad group, the easier it will be for you to match your keywords to your ad and increase your click-through rate.

An important note is that your Quality Score is also affected by the CTR of your entire campaign. So always remember to carefully review each of your ad groups and make sure you get high click-through rates for all your ad groups. If you have ten ad groups, nine of which have good CTRs and one ad group with a really low CTR, this ad group will lower the click-through rate of your entire campaign.

Make the landing page relevant

Check that your ad takes you to the exact page of the product or service your ad is about. In this way, the person is directed directly to the page of the product or service that they wanted to find.

Also, make sure your landing page has information about your product/service and is easy to use.

Use negative keywords

Adding negative keywords to your ad groups will improve the relevance of your ads to people’s searches and stop showing ads with the wrong keywords. From the search terms report, you can check the words that triggered your ads and add the words you don’t want to appear in your ads as negative keywords. As your ads better match people’s searches, your click-through rate will improve and your Quality Score will increase.

Should I remove keywords with low Quality Scores?

Before you remove any keyword from your campaign, think about whether that keyword is important to your business. If the keyword is important, find out why you received low quality scores and start optimizing it according to the instructions above. You can try moving that keyword into its own ad group, where you can write ads that are highly relevant to that keyword and choose a relevant landing page for the ad.


Remember that your Quality Score affects how much you pay for clicks on your ads. Start improving your Quality Score on keywords with four or fewer Quality Scores. These quality levels are considered low and will significantly increase your cost per click. So by getting good quality levels, you get more results for less money.

Improving your CTR will translate into better ad revenue. Suomen Digimarkkinointi targeted Aminop√∂rssi’s AdWords campaigns to better match people’s product searches, increasing ad revenue by 573 percent.