What is earnings per click? Meaning of EPC in affiliate marketing

One of the factors that determine the effectiveness of affiliate marketing programs is performance metrics. This metric will tell you the average revenue you are generating per click. So what are earnings per click? And what is the meaning of this indicator in affiliate marketing? Let’s find out with ADPIA in this article!

Earnings Per Click, also known as an EPC metric, described as a performance metric of the average revenue generated from the results of each link click. The EPC metric will reflect the average revenue per click an offer generates.

Checking how much you earn per click is important in determining your affiliate marketing income. From there, adjust the link to suit the content of each article, check which link is more effective. However, clicking on the link is not always revenue.

Earning per click is a calculated and determined way of calculating earnings from pay per click affiliate programs. In a nutshell, it will tell you the value of the clicks the affiliate program provides.

In the exchange above, we will see that the EPC ratio is extremely important in affiliate marketing. Publishers can use this metric to determine which campaigns generate the best revenue.

Example: You run two affiliate marketing campaigns, but the revenue from these two campaigns is different. We will generally choose the campaign that generates the most revenue to continue. However, the EPC index will help you determine exactly which campaign is really more optimal.

Correct understanding of EPC in affiliate marketing

The EPC metric is the result of calculating the average value of each click you achieve and not simply the value of a single click. EPC is a cost per click formula that allows you to analyze data on multiple clicks at once and return your earnings per click. So this metric really reflects earnings per click and is completely accurate.

EPC metrics are a common form of payout structure for affiliate sites, as well as some high value analytics tools for affiliates. Because this metric will give you an idea of ​​what referrals will pay per click.

An individual click or action may not generate much revenue. For example, a high bounce rate or many clicks will not convert to sales, or a new signup may result in a click but not necessarily revenue. Also, different types of subscriptions or purchases at each level may generate different commission amounts. Therefore, the average per click is important.

Some suggestions to boost the EPC

It is important to check the EPC to determine the value of your individual links and campaigns as a result. Here are some ways to compare and boost your affiliate marketing campaigns:

– Check the earnings per click results to show how much money you earn from each ad in your affiliate marketing campaign.

– Compare the results of running affiliate programs to see which one works.

– Select the website or affiliate marketing advertising platform that you want to generate the highest and most effective income.

– Evaluate different ways of executing affiliate marketing.

– Combine historical data with recent data to see if a new campaign has improved.

– Assess the quality of paid advertising is worth the money or not by determining the amount of money earned compared to the amount spent.

– Check for invalid issues, change links with high bounce rate, broken links…

Finally, you can see that the way to earn money online is also highly developed today. If you know how to run EPC then this will certainly be an opportunity for you to increase your sources of income, EPC will help you calculate income per affiliate marketing campaign. Through this article, hopefully the above knowledge will be enough to help you implement your affiliate marketing campaigns.

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