Affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing) is fast becoming the solution of choice for many business owners to run advertising campaigns. With the impact and value of an affiliate marketing program (affiliate marketing program) has had a significant influence on the overall digital strategy of companies.

From SEO to branding, partners play an extremely important role in helping businesses optimize advertising strategies and budgets. The affiliate marketing model is slowly showing its strength. Especially in the period when the economy was affected by Covid 19, the form of advertising through the Internet platform and online interaction expanded and developed strongly.

So what has pushed the affiliate marketing industry to become the popular advertising model that it is today? Let’s find out below this article!

Marketers will be able to optimize customer data and user behavior from multiple traffic sources. In fact, digital channels help advertisers get the best results based on reach. Advertisers, partners can check the traffic source of affiliate marketing campaigns and allocate advertising budget appropriately.

Professional tracking software now has very good support for this, helping advertisers capture all aspects. Not only track but also analyze customer perception for user conversion. They are all strictly controlled and monitored.

Additionally, the affiliate marketing model also has the benefit of limiting revenue wastage, fraud, and lack of transparency. Compared to other forms of advertising like PPC, influencers or traditional advertising still face a lot of difficulties in tracking or fraud still takes place.

By participating in affiliate marketing campaigns, advertisers can set their own advertising costs, based on each person’s budget. Affiliate ads are set based on market reactions, behavior changes, or different traffic prices. This is something that advertising channels and other media will pay for and cannot do.

In addition, affiliate marketers can also change advertising costs as needed to meet the needs and changes of users, the main goal is to increase the effectiveness of campaigns on a larger scale. Affiliate marketers can set up a payment system based on the performance of each channel and this will reduce the risk of this happening with each ad.

As mentioned above, it is undeniable that affiliate marketing is still an effective advertising way to attract many potential customers. About 20% of advertisers participated in a Forrester Research survey conducted by PepperJam. The results show that affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing) attracts the largest number of customers among current advertising channels. Furthermore, 33% of other affiliate marketers also believe that affiliate marketing promotions attract more customers and 42% share this as a very successful model.

Affiliate marketers will understand what customers need and want to deliver content that excites consumers at every stage of purchase. These can be reviews, reviews, coupon codes….

As a result, companies will present a clearer value proposition at each stage of the consumer purchase. Not only advertisers but also businesses and companies understand this and use affiliate marketing programs to increase advertising activities. Help them deliver the best ROI, and the same Forrester Research and Pepperjam survey found that 46% of marketers believe affiliate marketing ads increase ROI compared to other marketing channels.

In terms of strategy, affiliate marketing programs are still strictly controlled by affiliate marketing platforms, preventing fraud and errors in the advertising process. Affiliate marketing programs that lack maintenance or strategy will cause huge losses and losses for businesses. From there, establishing a complete strategy is essential before implementing the affiliate marketing model.

Compared to traditional paid channels that cost a lot of money, doing affiliate marketing is low cost and low risk. In addition, companies and suppliers are also approaching the right customers, which improves the reputation of the product. The channels expand and divide into many small niches creating a large network. Advertisers and marketers can also advertise multiple brands, bringing products to many different audiences.

Reality has also shown that affiliate marketing is an effective and profitable advertising channel. There are many tools available to help companies and businesses improve leads and track leads. Affiliate marketing can be used for different industries to grow and attract targeted customers.

The five things above are just one of the standouts to explain why the affiliate marketing model can still thrive in the face of constant change between digital marketing channels today.