Four important things to keep in mind when enhanced Google AdWords campaigns take effect.

1. Mobile devices will automatically be included in your campaign.

If you have a campaign targeting only desktop users, don’t update your campaign to make it more effective, and Google will automatically update your campaign to include mobile. This can greatly affect the effectiveness of your campaign if you pay as much for mobile clicks as you would for others, but your mobile conversion is lower. So be sure to lower or raise your mobile bids, campaign by campaign, as needed.

2. Tablets no longer have their own campaign segment.

Before, tablets could run their own separate campaign and set them apart from other computer users. Now it won’t work anymore. Updated AdWords advertisers have been tracking their own tablet user conversions and lowering or raising their tablet bids accordingly. Be sure to consider this in your own bidding strategy. However, you can set your own bid in the tablet campaign settings, based on your normal bid, either by increasing or decreasing your percentage.

3. No more mobile campaigns.

The time for separate mobile campaigns is also over. Previously, you could influence individual keyword bids in your mobile campaigns. Today, it doesn’t work. You’ll also need to adjust your mobile bids as a percentage at the campaign level, just as you would for tablets. If your bid is $1.00, you can set your mobile bid to -50%, so your bid is $0.50.

4. Sitelinks can now be configured for ad group resolution.

Previously, you could only add sitelinks at the campaign level. Now you can do it with ad group precision. This means that you can actually target sitelinks much more effectively to your desired market segment. So the reform will allow you to produce more effective and productive ads. You can also refine your sitelinks on a scheduled basis, as well as refine your own mobile sitelinks.

These changes will help you update your advanced campaigns. They also bring benefits that were not possible before. More on this in future posts.