I was training our partner’s staff in the morning and delved into digital marketing skills and what quality means in digital marketing. The discussion finally moved on to digital marketing skills and what it consists of.

What I used to take for granted was not for everyone. So I decided to openly write what a digital marketer looks like.

An office full of digital marketing experts

You can find a wide range of experts in the digital marketing office. It is interesting to think that no single major factor alone can solve customer problems, but only the cooperation of experts in many different areas within the office brings results to the customer. The first thing in the office is to start thinking about what way of working gives the best results to the client and that requires everyone’s experience. If the solution is made by a person who knows only one technique or implementation, then he will not be able to think about the needs of the client in a holistic way.

Today, it’s easily taken for granted that there are people familiar with each task working on, reading about, and discussing the topic throughout the workday. Your job is to keep your products and services at a level where the customer can be sure of value for money.

How is an expert in digital marketing?

I also started to think more carefully about what qualities a digital marketer has. Whether it’s search engine optimization, Google Adwords advertising, Facebook marketing, or helping a customer improve their online services, there are two clear benefits:

systematic and analytical character

A digital marketer needs to be analytical and creative. The result is data from each marketing campaign, which can be used to develop further marketing measures. The professional must be able to see through the figures the things that contributed to the result. Both based on these factors are constantly evolving marketing.

Of course, things are also divided between different channels. A search engine optimization professional focuses on different things than a Facebook marketer.

Search engine optimization expert

People who work with search engine optimization are those Internet experts who are constantly familiar with Google’s constant changes in its algorithm through reading and testing. Google says very little about the formation of search results and has turned search engine optimization professionals into highly analytical and at the same time creative people.

To be good at search engine optimization, you have to accept the fact that reading books and blogs is an integral part of your day.

In addition, a search engine optimization professional must accurately document the changes they make and be able to see the factors that contribute to the result. Google’s algorithm is changing so often these days that getting off the sled is the same as selling a bad product to a customer.

For this reason, people working on search engine optimization need to set aside time daily to learn, even during work hours, and to ensure information flows through the group.

Of course, the importance of software cannot be forgotten. They are also evolving very fast and customers need to quickly use all the new features.

Google AdWords Professional

A large part of Google AdWords marketing is mathematical and requires a highly analytical approach on the part of the author. Nevertheless, how people respond to and click on ads is based on people’s behavior and knowing your target audience. Continuous improvement in both areas is vital to an effective Google AdWords campaign.

Google is constantly developing Google AdWords features. When I think about how we did marketing with AdWords a year ago and compare it to today, the difference is considerable. The goals remain the same in marketing, but many new tools have arrived to make a profit. You don’t even always realize how long continuous development takes when the goal is to keep your products competitive.

Of course, the creators of Google AdWords also need to have the best tools at their fingertips in order to make effective use of all the information that comes from their marketing campaigns. Over the past year, a number of very useful new programs have emerged that have greatly increased the usability of the information obtained from the campaign and have allowed for more effective marketing.

A Facebook Marketing Expert

Facebook is slowly starting to find the real concept of how to provide businesses with an effective marketing channel. Constant change has also been a factor of adjustment at Facebook. The changes that have occurred in the last six months have kept professionals busy.

A Facebook professional understands the importance of a marketing image. Facebook marketers know how to analyze what kind of image, text, and target group make up the best overall result and accurately document it. Of course, continuous testing is also involved here, as it is possible to test digital marketing and thus continually develop the marketing to be more effective.

The fact that Facebook is in use in almost all companies gives an extra touch to the work of Facebook professionals. Understanding the marketing strategy of companies is an integral part of the job of a Facebook professional.

Specialized in results

When I think about the big picture of a digital marketing office, it’s very clear that there are experts in many small areas under one roof. However, none of us can do it alone, but there must be interaction between the teams to serve customers in an integral way. In addition, experts can support each other. Search engine optimization needs the help of Facebook and AdWords experts. A Facebook marketer can rely on the help of an AdWords expert and vice versa.

It is also remembered that a channel is not a solution but a way of getting a company’s message across to customers who buy. Digital marketing is part of a company’s strategy.

We have an enormous amount of information at our disposal. The most important thing is that it is used correctly and that development does not stop for a moment.