One of the best features of Facebook marketing is very little known and completely underused. This double target group, or “Similar Audiences“It has proven to be a very effective Facebook marketing tool for reaching people who may be interested in your products or services.

What is a dual target group?

With a double target group refers to a group of people who closely resemble the people who already like your Facebook site or visit your website. Facebook collects information about your group and uses its algorithm to find similar people to target with your marketing.

Facebook has a wealth of information about what people are interested in and how they behave online. This way they have no problem identifying what kind of people are interested in your products or services.

How to create a dual target group

To create a group, you must be the first to create a group, according to which Facebook will create a double target group. In its simplest form, you can create a fan group for your Facebook site. In this case, Facebook analyzes what people like about your Facebook site and creates a profile of them, which is then used to create a double group. You can then target your new group marketing on Facebook with pinpoint accuracy.

Another great way is to install a Facebook remarketing code on your website. When people visit your website, you store a cookie in their browser that allows you to target them with advertising on Facebook. Best of all, you can also create a double target group from this set. In this case, Facebook analyzes what kind of people have visited your website and converts the people who like it into another group that you can target your advertising to.

The image above shows a dual target group created from visitors to Suomen Digimarkkinointi Oy, who can be targeted by Facebook marketing.

A dual audience allows you to identify people who are your potential customers but haven’t found you yet.

Benefits of a dual target group

Your product and service are designed to solve a human problem. Although we feel very different from each other, similar people have very similar needs. Because Facebook knows very precisely who we are based on our behavior, we can create accurate profiles of what interests us. When Facebook still knows what kind of people are interested in your products, the exact marketing weapon is ready.

For example, we have achieved very good results in our own marketing with the help of dual target groups. The acquisition price of a person who visited our site has decreased by 200% since we actively use the dual target group. So we get the same marketing effort four times more good visitors to our websitelike before.

This is in everyone’s interest. We bring our blog and advertising to the attention of people interested in digital marketing and make people see marketing that interests them. Once you’ve tested what advertising is on people’s minds on Facebook, the results have really improved a lot.

We are visible to those who are our potential customers and interested in our products.

You can create very specific audiences

The precision with which you make your target audience is your choice. You can create audiences about people who are interested in individual products, people who are interested in a group of products, or visitors to your website in general. The first thing to consider is whether the product has a specific customer base.

The S Group hardly creates a target audience based on who has visited its prism online store. It makes more sense for them to create target groups based on who is interested in certain products. In this case, marketing can be precisely targeted to the target group and the results are much better.


I recommend all companies to try this feature. Facebook marketing can be done very precisely and only to the type of people who are potential customers for your business. I don’t know of any company that isn’t interested in reaching new customers who look a lot like the people who are already interested in the company’s products.

The cost is not high and the targeting of marketing through Facebook is very precise.