Companies have a “problem”. Material posted on Facebook no longer reaches your customers in the same way as before. Mary Smith was on your blog he said in July how only 6% of customers see his Facebook update and 94% are out of reach. It is quite possible that Facebook is tightening the algorithm so much that fewer and fewer potential customers will see your update without investing a single dollar in visibility. However, it is still possible.

Why are your posts not showing?

Facebook has a trump card for this. That’s the number of posts. The average Facebook user has 338 friends, which means that Facebook has the ability to display between 1,500 and 15,000 separate posts to the user when logged into Facebook. For this, Facebook still has to build an Edgerank algorithm that constantly calculates which posts are worth showing each user. If you are interested in learning more about how Edgerank works, you can check it out, eg. here. In practice, it calculates three factors

  • how close the user is to the publisher (how often the user has acted based on the post)
  • the weight of the post (what is the post type and what does the user like)
  • the time of publication and how long it will take from publication. (The older the post, the less visible it is)

It’s no accident that corporate posts look worse than posts from individuals. It is a way to get companies to invest money in improving visibility.

How to improve the visibility of your publication

There are several good tricks available for you to try. By analyzing the results, you will see what works for your target audience. Examples worth trying are:

  • morning launch (Most users check Facebook first thing in the morning, but that’s when less material is posted. You look better that way.)
  • Variation in the number of publications (Sometimes more and sometimes less. Before you take on a really important update, I advise you to take a break for a few days.)
  • short message. (Be concise and quick to understand in your post. People are using Facebook faster than you think)
  • Many types of posts. (Some users like links, some like images, and some like plain text. Edgerank also calculates post type and shows different posts to different people)
  • don’t ask me to do something. (Yes, a good post gets likes, comments, and shares, so you don’t always have to ask for it.)
  • The theme of your Facebook page.. (You have a Facebook page and you also need to keep in mind what is worth posting. Stay on topic and don’t scroll to get a more engaged follower)

prepare for the future

The fact is, however, that Facebook has been and will continue to raise the profile of corporate publishing. None of us really imagined that free marketing existed? By trying the above, you’ll learn how to better reach your customers now and in the future. Facebook is going to be part of your marketing so there is no use being intimidated by the euros spent on it. They can be used on Facebook very effectively.