A week ago, Google released a new extension for CallAd ad extensions for GoogleAdWords campaigns. To quote Google, “Attention text extensions allow you to add descriptive text to your standard text ad.” quoted text from here .

So you can add a unique text description to your ads, so add space to your ad! -> This should increase the click-through rate of your ads.

Attention text extensions are like sitelink extensions, but without the link.

Attention text extensions are really like sitelinks, with no need for separate landing pages. When you click the attention text extension, you’ll be taken to your ad’s original landing page. They allow even the smallest sites to expand their ads without the need for new landing pages.

Attention Text Extensions appear below the standard Expanded Text Ad and therefore work in conjunction with other ad extensions.

Attention text extensions can also be set at the account level, and this is how they work for each campaign.

How are attention text extensions used?

Attention text extensions must be a minimum of 2 in each level, ad group, campaign and account. However, Google recommends that you create 4 attention text extensions for each level and then display them in the order they are, how long they last, and how they are clicked.

Google always shows attention text extensions set at the most specific level, so if you’ve set them at the campaign and ad group level, the ad group level extensions will show first.

Extension limitations:

  • Attention text length: 25 characters.
  • Attention text content: Therefore, attention text cannot reproduce the text of ads or ad extensions that are already in the campaign or within the same account. For example, if your ads already mention “free shipping,” you can’t repeat it with the extension.
  • You cannot use the insert KeyWord: keyword in the annotation text, that is, you cannot automatically add a search term to it.

In the examples, Google shows the following as attention text extensions:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • free delivery
  • Summer time

Think about what kinds of offers, benefits and features your products and services have and build on these care extension extensions. When considering attention text extensions, consider your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and highlight why WHY IS IT ABSOLUTELY WORTH BUYING THIS PRODUCT/SERVICE? However, keep in mind that you can’t reproduce free shipping, both in your ad text and attention text length.